How To School People Who Don’t “Get” The Women’s Strike

As women, we’re not strangers to getting criticized — especially when we’re trying to stand up for something.

So naturally, with the word getting out about the Women’s Strike tomorrow, there are plenty of haters. Or, not even haters, just people asking condescending questions like, “what are you guys actually trying to accomplish?”

Well, here’s what to say to them.

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“Only privileged women can strike.” 

Yes, it’s a privilege be able to miss one day of work and still pay the bills, but shaming other women for being “privileged” is exactly why the feminist movement isn’t as strong as it could be. The reason people are skipping work is to make an impact on employers and the economy. If you’re not comfortable doing that, or are unable to, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved.

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“What’s the point?”

Oh, honey. In case you didn’t realize, our government and our society doesn’t give a f*ck about us. This strike isn’t going to suddenly make us equal to men, but neither is sitting around doing nothing. If you don’t understand the point of women going on strike, you need to do some Googling.

“I feel like nobody is even going to notice.”

Well, if everyone had your attitude and didn’t strike or vocalize their support, then yes, nobody would notice. This is just like people who don’t vote because they don’t think their vote will make a difference.

“So what are you really going to do all day?”

Whatever we fucking feel like. The whole point of feminism is to have the choice to do what we want. There’s no wrong way to be a feminist. You can go out to the protests, or you can stay in bed all day and watch feminist films. As long as you don’t suck up to the patriarchy, you’re gucci.

“My employer would never let me do that”

Okay, anyone who says this is low-key being shady and implying their job is so much more important than yours. Tell them to chill. Also tell them it’s actually the law that you’re allowed to skip work to protest if it pertains directly to work. Considering women have plenty of grievances in the workplace, this definitely qualifies. Also, how would you know what your boss would let you do if you don’t even have the guts to ask? Plus, the whole point of the strike is that your boss might kind of miss you, since you do so much awesome work and all.

“I have people that depend on me”

Why not ask a guy to take over your duties for the day? That will really make your boyfriend/brother/male acquaintance/male boss realize how critical you are to the success of everything around him. The Cut put together a great guide for what to do if you feel stuck taking care of other people.

If you still can’t get out of whatever unpaid labor you feel obligated to do, you can participate in other ways: like wearing red, vocalizing your support, or refusing to spend money all day.

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