Samantha Laporta is the up-and-coming teen singer you’ll be dancing to

Samantha Laporta may not ring a bell with you yet, but her debut single, “Own The Night,” is already breaking the charts. 

This girl better be on your radar, because she’s killing it!

“Own The Night” was on Radio Disney’s top 10 songs, and it was the most requested song on the station for four weeks in a row.

The singer has already written three more songs, and we are hoping to hear them very soon, because we already have “Own The Night” on repeat! Check out our exclusive interview with the singer, and be sure to check out her acoustic version of the single here and below (exclusively released by us).

What’s the inspiration behind the song?

For “Own The Night,” I was really looking forward to getting back home and seeing my friends. I wanted to write a song with a chill vibe that captured the feeling of being with your friends on a road trip – hair blowing in the breeze with the radio cranked. I wanted to write a fun song.

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How do you usually “own the night?”

I love to go out with my friends we go to the beach and sit around the bonfires and just have a great time.

How was it seeing your song on the top 10 of the Radio Disney playlist?

Truly amazing seeing “Own The Night,” on Radio Disney’s top 10 songs. It was also super cool being on the Radio Disney Spotify playlist. I hear from fans all the time who love the song, and it’s a great feeling hearing that from them.

The song is doing really well and Radio Disney asked me to walk the Red Carpet and attend the Radio Disney Music Awards.

Are you working on any new music, and if so, tell us a bit about it!

While I was in Los Angeles for the Radio Disney Music Awards, I wrote and recorded 3 new songs. The first has a chill vibe, the 2nd has a Latin groove, and the 3rd is a pop song that that make you want to jump up and dance.

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What’s next for you?

I’m traveling a lot this summer getting ready for a bunch of new shows and looking forward to catching Taylor Swift’s show in Tampa.

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