Samadhi is Taking Over! The Rising Star talks about her new show, motherhood & more!

Samadhi is a force to reckon with, the Actress/Model and Mother is hard at work on her role on the new series Vuelve a mi on Telemundo, raising her family and being a leading figure in Mexican Television. Samadhi isn’t new to our TV screens, she has been acting since childhood and has starred in dozens of film and television series. We talk with Samadhi on Motherhood, her new show, and what’s next for the rising star!

Featured Interview:

What is the new show you are working on about?
We are working as the protagonist in a series called ‘vuelve a mi on Telemundo’.

How do you prepare for your character?
I have been preparing this character for more than 8 months since it is a drama based on the love of a Mexican mother in search of her son who is taken from her hands.

What is your daily beauty ritual?
Do at least one hour of exercise, drink a lot of water, and eat a lot of avocado.

What would be one beauty product you can’t live without?
Red lipstick!

You are the new face of Loreal, with which product from your collection are you

The color blocker

Being a Puma ambassador, how do you stay physically and mentally active?
Every day I dedicate an hour to physical training in the morning and before going to sleep I
meditate for 20 minutes.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
Trust the processes, nothing is personal.

As a Latina woman, how are you breaking the beauty norms?
I am being faithful to my essence, to my person. I am a Latina woman who defends her beauty wherever it goes, saying that I am Mexican always makes me feel prettier ❤️

What beauty tip did you learn from your mom?
Don’t wear so much makeup, she doesn’t wear it.

What makes you rebellious?
Always say what I think.

What is the item you use the most in your makeup bag?
Chapitas (blush)

When you travel, what beauty item can you not forget?
something for the lips

Your hair is amazing. What is the secret to healthy hair?
Eat a lot of avocado 😂

What is your personal care routine?
The most important secret is to be at peace with yourself and you automatically radiate light
and beauty.

What’s next for you this year?
Seek to continue representing my country in international projects.

Team Credits:

Photographer: Ivan Aguirre @ivanaguirrefotografo
Stylist: Greta Forte @gretafortestudio
Agency: Get Agency @getagency
Make up: Bere de la Rosa @beredelarosamakeup
Hair: Alejandro Iñiguez @alejandroiniguezhair
Direccion: Claudia Valdez @claudiavaldeza

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