Salma Slims’ new single is perfect for getting f*cked up with bae

One of the secret perks of finding a new bae is that you can stay in and get tipsy together — just the two of you — and have the time of your lives.

Is there any greater joy than shutting the rest of the world out and smashing a bottle of wine or two with your boo? Add in some classy af edibles and you’ve got yourself a nice little night in. Who needs Netflix and chill when you can just get a buzz on and talk until the sun comes up?

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No one knows this better than R&B it girl Salma Slims. When we last caught up with Salma, she went deep on what it’s like to be a woman in a male-dominated industry. This is a theme she’s incorporated into her past songs, too, like “100 Racks,” an anthem for boss babes who don’t want to settle for a 9-to-5.

And today, we’re happy to premiere Salma’s latest track, “Wasted,” which is all about the aforementioned phenomenon of wanting to get a buzz on with your number one.

Peep the song and video below and try to make it all the way through before you send your latest fling or f*ck buddy that “what’s good tonight?” text.

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