Even this VS model has had a horrible tanning accident

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the kind of professional pretty person who seems to have it all together 24/7.

She looks impossibly radiant and toned in every picture you’ll ever see of her. She follows a strict no dairy, no alcohol, no gluten and no sugar diet and she’s got a 10-step in-flight beauty regimen she follows whenever she steps on a plane.

But once upon a time, even this walking example of perfection was human enough to let a horrible tanning accident happen to her.

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In an interview with Refinery29 Rosie explained:

“When I was 19, I remember going to the [tanning] salon in New York before a big shoot, and laying down on the bed and thinking, ‘This is so warm and lovely.’ Then I got home and started to move around and felt that my bum was really sore. My butt had never seen daylight before, so it was that milky, English, white skin, and now it was red and raw. It was sore for at least three days — I couldn’t sit down — and it took weeks for the swelling to go down.”

While it’s mean to ever wish misfortune on any living soul, it is kind of heart-warming to know that even the prettiest people get burnt by the heat of a tanning bed sometimes.

[H/T Refinery29]

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