Rob Insists On Reading All of Chyna’s Text Messages Like a Psycho Now

Less than a month after Rob & Chyna pretended that Rob was “texting bitches” so we’d watch their new TV show, they’re trying the same trick again, only this time it’s Chyna’s turn to be the one possibly texting hoes.

Yay, equality.

“Yo, who’s this hitting your phone over and over?” Rob passively asks his fiancee in a new promo while she’s trying to look busy in the bathroom.

“I don’t know, what does the name say?” Chyna answers, before realizing she forgot to ask the most obvious question in the book: “Why are you eve in my phone?”

They then proceed to have a non-fight about the fact that Chyna changed her password because she doesn’t think it’s chill that Rob’s suddenly decided he wants to be a psycho and read all of her text messages.

“I just don’t get why you even care if I go through your phone,” Rob tells his fiancée, pretending to be completely oblivious to the rules of common decency.

The man grew up with five sisters. He may not be the brightest bulb in the shed, but he can’t expect us to believe he’s that dumb.

“I don’t understand why Rob would even think that I’m doing anything wrong,” Chyna explains to the camera. “I’m four months pregnant, I have two businesses that I’m running, I’m with King [her child with Tyga] and I literally don’t leave the house so what could I possibly be doing?”

Creating drama to sell us your television show.

That’s what you’re doing, Chyna.

We see everything, bb.

[H/T E!]

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