Rob Could Be the One Who Hacked Chyna’s Instagram

In a strange twist of events, it might have been Rob Kardashian who hacked Blac Chyna’s Instagram account last night, posting screenshots of incriminating text messages between Chyna and others.

Most of the screenshots posted reveal what might be some truth in those claims of Chyna trying to exploit the Kardashian name for cash. Most of the convos were between Chyna and her friend Treasure, in which they both talked about Chyna just stacking her money.

Now for the evidence that Rob could be the perp: The Shade Room has a screenshot from Blac Chyna’s backup Instagram page in which she implies Rob did the hacking. The caption has since been deleted from her new account, but TSR still has the screenshot. If it’s legit, it looks like Rob posted everything because he had the passcode to her phone.

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Also, why did Chyna even need to create a second Instagram account? Probably because petty queen Rob locked Chyna out of her own account after posting all the screenshots.

According to Rob’s Snapchat last night, Blac Chyna left him and took their baby, Dream, along with all of the furniture in the house that they are renting from Rob’s sis, Kylie Jenner. Blac Chyna’s mom, Toyko Toni even chimed in, claiming that Rob’s insecurity is what drove him to the petty af move.

All of the screenshots have now been deleted from her Instagram, but thankfully, we have our own screenshots! So, here are our screenshots of some of the screenshots.





Here are the alleged conversations between Young Thug and Chyna. chyna-screenshots11-galore-mag.jpg


More convos, apparently between Jaden Smith and Chyna.



And here are the last of the screenshots. Chyna supposedly calls him fat and gay while texting Treasure. Ugh.




I mean, are we shocked? No, not really. Rumors of their supposed breakups and reunions have been swirling for weeks, pretty much solidifying their status as an “on-again-off-again” couple. Most of the drama originates from the claim that the only reason Black Chyna even started dating Rob in the first place was so she could stake her claim on the Kardashian name. Rob’s ongoing depression also seems to be a source of tension. But last night, it appears Chyna finally had enough, and Rob retaliated.

Even if it comes out that none of these are real, and Rob had nothing to do with it, kudos to the person who put these together. Like, this took some extra effort, so from the bottom of our drama-craving hearts, thank you.

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