Blac Chyna Got Pissed and Tweeted Rob’s Number, But Swears They’re ‘Still Good’

And it just gets weirder, guys.

You remember how Blac Chyna was pissed last month about how Rob was still “texting bitches,” and we thought that just had to be a lie to try and get us to watch their show because what girl in their right mind would ever want to text Rob?

Well, either we were wrong or Chyna just can’t let the prank go because yesterday she took a page out of Rob’s playbook and tweeted out his phone number to teach him a lesson.

“To assure that your man is not texting no bitches, just tweet his number out,” Chyna instructed on Snapchat. “How does that feel Rob, how do you feel?”And then, because Rob was standing right there next to her, he casually replied, “Feels good.”

I’m sorry, what?

He was right there?

As in they’re still living together and Rob doesn’t care about getting his spot blown up by the person who’s supposed to love and support him for as long as they both shall live?

Rob is weird, but he’s not that chill.

We smell something fishy.

“Change your number Rob,” Chyna added, explaining “To all those females who want to keep text his phone because they had his number before want to be like, ‘You and Chyna good?’ We good, we straight.”

Right and there’s zero chance that you’re just playing nice for the cameras because the health of your TV show depends on it.

You two.

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