7 Ways to Roast Your Friends With This Month’s New Emojis


The Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for all of our beloved emojis, has unveiled the 72 selected new ones that will hit phones everywhere sometime this month.

They’re no Kimogifs and they don’t hold a candle to Monica Lewinsky’s anti-bullying emojis, but they’re prettttty chill.

With that also comes new ways to savagely drag your friends in the group chat. Here are some of our favorites!

1. The Multi-Purpose Shrug

At last, we have an emoji to reply to those annoying texts from the friend that is just always out of the loop. Or you can respond to someone dragging you with a savage “whatever” shrug.

2. Including the Vegan Friend

We all have that one friend in our inner circle who is vegan and gets left out when sending the junk food emojis back and forth 🍕🌭🍟. Now, you can include (or really savagely exclude) your vegan friend with a leafy green salad! #kalebitch

3. The Last Place Friend

Whether your friend is the last to respond in the group chat, or was the first to drop out of your girls’ night at the bar, this emoji will perfectly roast the friend who couldn’t keep up.

4. The New Eggplant

Finally! Something a little more realistic than an eggplant to nonchalantly brag to your friends about that dick appointment tonight.

5. That One Friend Who Says Y’all

Sarcastically roast your y’all-using friend by replying with a howdy and this emoji. The ten-gallon hat says it all, y’all.

6. The Facepalm You Have Always Needed

Has your mom sent you the 😂 emoji when trying to describe something that actually requires the 😭 emoji? Or did your BFF hook up with that guy she swear she’d never see again? Facepalm that.

7. The Hella Judging You Emoji

Now you have this in your drag arsenal instead of using just the 👀 emoji to effortlessly show how much you are judging that wacky friend. Use it wisely.


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