Monica Lewinsky Has Designed A Line Of Anti-Bullying Emojis

A rare interview with Monica Lewinsky — famed mistress of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s husband, ex-president Bill Clinton — was released in The Guardian this weekend, announcing her brand new career venture: a line of anti-bullying emojis.

For the past 10 years, Lewinsky has been advocating for anti-bullying causes, drawing upon her own experiences to help others going through similar (sort of) experiences.

“I realized that our brains process images faster than text,” she told Jon Ronson. “Which means the fastest way you can help — the least amount of time between someone feeling alone and upset, and feeling just a tiny bit better — is with an image.”

She reached out to Vodafone and asked if they’d allow her to work with them on an emoji keyboard. She expressed her excitement about the venture to The Guardian, mentioning that it can be very difficult to find brands or figures that will associate with her, due to her scandalous reputation.

The emojis are supposed to invoke the feeling of a hug, as Lewinsky mentioned that she was inspired to design the keyboard after speaking to teens who mentioned that some of their main issues with coping in the face of bullying was the inability to know how to talk about it.

Check them out:


The reporter who authored the article also mentioned that we may be seeing Monica in the public eye again throughout the campaign trail towards the American presidency in 2016.

Donald Trump has previously stated that he would consider Monika Lewinsky  “fair game” for any reason he might need to fire at the Clintons, and recently released an Instagram campaign video featuring old footage of a young Monica smiling at Bill Clinton. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen, as this woman has probably endured enough misery in her lifetime.

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