Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji GIFs: A Complete Glossary

Kim Kardashian’s emoji app, Kimoji, was updated today with 11 new “Kimogifs” — moving emojis that are perfect to deploy in basically any situation.

Are your friends annoying you by asking you if you’re ready to leave the house yet? Hit ’em with a sexy Kimogif. Boss asking why you’re late for work? There’s a Kimogif for that. Mom texting to say she misses you nonstop? Kimogif that ho!

Here’s our handy guide to the gyrating new Kim emojis and how to use them.

1. Peaceful Pole Dancer

Like a shoe-less Barbie doll, this Kimogif’s toes are constantly pointed and ready for action. Pole-dancing Kim never gets tired of flawlessly spinning around her pole. She hits the landing every single time, all while keeping a perfectly chilled out blank expression on her face.

This Kimogif has a delightful devil-may-care quality to it. It’s like she’s saying, “People are dying and global warming is totally a thing, but I’m just going to keep spinning around this pole unfazed until the end of time.”

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“What are your plans this weekend?”

“Why didn’t you call me back?”

“We need to talk”

2. Slow Booty Shaker

This Kimogif is a bit more serious than its pole-dancing counterpart. Its movement is slow and calculated, making this gif intimate and one-on-one while also keeping the conversation all about you and your butt. It also has a playful teasing quality and can be used as a flirty gif-middle-finger.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“Thinking about you”

“You up?”

“I miss you”

3. Turnt in a One-Piece

This Kimogif is perfect for a group text with your besties. Nothing says “girls’ night out” like a modified twerk in a thong leotard.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“Breakfast martini?”

“My bf and I just broke up”

“I know you stole my lip pencil”

4. Gyrating Fur Coat Pimp

This Kimogif actually gives us a bit of a Teresa Giudice vibe, meaning it’s the most DGAF of all. This gif is a surefire way to tell the person you’re talking to that you value neither them nor their boring opinions.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“You still haven’t paid me for last month’s rent”

“I can’t believe you fucked my ex-boyfriend”

“It’s like you don’t care about my problems”

5. French Braid Dabber

With her braids, sunglasses, sports bra and on-trend dance move, this Kimogif knows wtf is up. Use her as a shorthand for bragging when you get your friends into a good party or score them some free swag.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“You’re going to Yeezy season 3?!?!”

“Wow I can’t believe you got the original FourLoko”

“OMFG I just saw your snapchat story can I have your life”

6. Kome Hither

This is a flirty Kimogif, but not one you’d want to use on a dude — Kim’s style in it is way too directional and not man-friendly. Instead, use it when you’re trying to get one of your friends to do something idiotic for your own entertainment.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“I can’t come, I’m not drinking this week”

“But I don’t want to try Botox”

“What do you mean ‘Drake’s table’?”

7. Blowing a Kiss

You might think this is a sweet gesture, but look at Kimogif’s face: she’s not smiling so clearly this is passive aggressive, making this the perfect follow-up to roasting your friend in the group text. With just a flick of the wrist and a cock of the head, this Kimogif is the quintessential “sorry not sorry.”

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“Wow someone’s in a bad mood”

“I thought you were going to stop being petty in 2016”

“I know you don’t like my outfit but you didn’t have to say it like that”

8. Sipping Tea

This Kimogif’s tea is hot, but her demeanor is ice cold. In her camel coat and blush top, she’s clearly just talked some major shit or unleashed an insane piece of gossip, but she’s totally unfazed by her own bitchiness.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“You found all that in his phone?!”

“How are you the best Google stalker who ever lived”


9. Throwing Money

This Kimogif, like the one before it, is defined by its blank facial expression. For the sender of  this gif, spending money is so easy and nonchalant that it no longer gives you pleasure. And best of all, it doesn’t even have to be your money.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“I thought you were saving money this month”

“You srsly ordered the filet and 2 bottles of wine and made him pay for it?”

“Ok fine we can upgrade to first class”

10. Throwing Money (Detail)

This Kimogif is all about the chaotic motion the money makes as it falls to the floor. You’re spending so much money, the rules of physics no longer apply.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“You Seamlessed nine times this week??”

“Did you really need the monogram…”

“I thought you already got a mani 3 days ago”

11. Bag Slap

The grand finale of all Kimogifs has our girl reliving the time she repeatedly slapped Khloé with her bag because the younger Kardashian was talking shit about her Bentley or something. The connotations of this gif are obvious: you use it to lay the smackdown on someone who’s out of line.

It’s the perfect response to the following texts:

“Why’d you bang him if you broke up last week”

“Is that dress really the most flattering”

“I guess he’s hot in SOME pictures”

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