Morgan Stewart is designing athleisure you’ll want to wear to the club

Fashion blogger, reality star, activewear designer – apparently nothing is off the limits for ex-Rich Kids of Beverly Hills superstar Morgan Stewart.

Recently, she launched a super hot collab with Touché, a Los Angeles-based activewear brand owned by Karl and Jaynee Singer, to make super lit gym gear.

We chat with Morgan about her newest gig for Touché, how to work athleisure into your daily lewk, and why you should always avoid bad hair extensions.

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You started out as a blogger, then you joined Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and now you’ve swapped the Loubs for Touché yoga pants. How did blogging and being on camera help you prepare for your gig as a designer?

I don’t think I would say swapped, [but]  I would say added on to the resumé. Touché approached me with the opportunity to launch a collaboration and it just felt like the natural next step to take. I have always had a desire to express myself creatively, so this just made sense. Not sure [if] TV necessarily helped me in terms of designing, but it definitely showed me I was ready to take on more.

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The summer collection is basically Calvin Klein circa 1995 meets a pre-1997 Versace ad. Who are your favorite designers of that decade?

Things are definitely pastel heavy right now for sure! Versace is a forever favorite and Calvin is obviously legendary. I’m a huge fan of Narciso Rodriguez for both his work with Calvin and his own brand.

As a self-described minimalist, why do you see yourself as one?

I keep things simple and to the point. I don’t like things to be too fussy or complicated. I feel the least sexy/attractive if I look like I tried too hard.

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For anyone who has never worn gym gear as outerwear, what outfit combos from your collection do you recommend for different occasions?

I love pairing the leggings with a t-shirt, ballet flats, a cute sandal OR (I know, crazy, [but] I’m not done) even a heel with a fabulous jacket. I would definitely pair the sports bras with a high-waisted pant/jean for night time and pretend it’s a crop top. Very summer appropriate.

How did you discover Touché LA and what made it different from other activewear brands? 
I wasn’t too familiar with Touché until they approached us for the collaboration, but then it was love at first sight.

Athleisure has been a pretty hot trend for the past two years, but which athleisure styles do you think are overdone right now?

To be completely honest, I don’t pay attention to trends. I march very much to the beat of my own drum when it comes to fashion and my personal style. I have basically dressed the exact same my entire life with things just evolving as time changes. I couldn’t tell you what’s too trendy – I can just say I absolutely despite anything with mesh detailing!

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I can sense that the color palette has been influenced by brunches, morning (or afternoon) coffee runs, and happy hours. What are your favorite drinks to coordinate with this collection?

I definitely don’t discriminate against any beverages. I would have anything from a regular soda to a margarita to a glass of wine to an iced latte and back again.

What was the last guilty pleasure you indulged in?

Hmmm…I had 76 ribs at my father-in-law’s house last night. Not pleased with myself currently.

What is some advice you would give your early 20s self to avoid mistakes?

Stay away from bad hair extensions! Don’t call him 458947558789 more times!

Nowadays, there are so many girls who want to blog, be in reality TV and/or break into the design field, but it’s tough to hustle in all three careers and manage it properly. What are your top tips to maintaining your hustle?

I think it’s really important to have clear and consistent goals. I make it a point to check in with myself daily to make sure I am getting things done that are going to help propel me forward in all my ventures. Consistently putting effort towards things that you care about (big or small) pay off no matter what.

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