Dorothy Wang Spills The Tea On RKOBH Cast Members

Dorothy Wang leads the life we all wish for – her days are filled with shopping, lunching and sometimes partying – but she gets paid to do it.

We interviewed The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star to find out what the deal is between her and Roxy, whether she believes in ghost’s and what mottos she lives by.

If you got stuck on a deserted island with one cast member, who would be the most resourceful and make the best partner? 

Each cast member would serve a different purpose but I think in terms of entertainment and having fun – EJ would be great. Honestly, if I was by myself I would probably survive better but maybe Brendan would be good for this. With Morgan, I feel like I would have to catch extra fish all day and do all the hard work because I would be working to get home and she would tan all day and just kind of relax.

If you had a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?

 Oooh, who’s a young, Asian actress? Lucy Liu could play the older version of me but for now, maybe I would play myself and I would write, produce and direct it.

What’s your hidden talent?

I love to cook and bake. I love to take our favorite fattening dishes and figure out how to make them healthy. I’ll take chicken parm and maybe bread it in almond and then bake it – one day I want to write a cook book with all my recipes – I think that will be really fun.

What’s the best advice anyone has every given you?

I’m a people pleaser and I get affected if someone misinterprets me or doesn’t like me. Someone told me that “you cant make everyone happy.” I always try and do stuff for people and I end up feeling guilty if I can’t but I can’t please everyone and being on the show has helped me develop a thick skin.

What’s something that you never expected to happen while filming a reality TV show?

It’s weird because I feel like I’m still the same person but the circumstances around us are different. In a weird way, being so “out-there” has made me more confident and made me really find myself. Also, how tiring it is being on camera. We always get so embarrassed because we’ll say to people; “OMG I’m so tired!” And it’s like; “From what?” “From living my life on camera.”

Are you a Belieber?

I am a Belieber. I’ve always like his music, ever since Baby, but I always felt weird liking him because he’s younger. Now it’s cool though because he’s appealing to a slightly older market.

Your Instagram bio says “The only photo you regret is the one you didn’t take!” – would you say you’re kind of obsessed with taking pictures? 

I am the photo-enforcer in the group. I’m the person who makes everyone get up and makes them take a photo even when they don’t want to. They usually thank me later because they always come out so cute.

Are you a romantic?

I’m never dying to be in a relationship but when I am in a relationship, I love to be romantic and do cute things. It’s really about finding the balance between fun, romance and chill.

You must be so excited for Morgan and Brendan’s wedding. Do you have any details about wedding planning?

Morgan would probably kill me if I said anything because she’s been super tight-lipped. The wedding is coming up in May so it’s really soon and we’ve already tried on the dresses and they’re beautiful. Morgan has been really hands-on and she’s planned every detail so I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful and very much to her taste.

Who is your favorite cast member and who do you love to hate?

I think that right now we are all getting along really well and we’ve reached a happy medium. In the beginning it was weird because there are lots of personalities and there’s ego involved, but now we value each other a lot. We’ve grown so much together and we’re on this journey together that no one really understands so we’re all really close.

In previous seasons, you and Roxy have had your differences, why do you guys butt heads?

She’s not on the show this season and we’re all no longer involved with her on a personal level. Obviously her and Morgan had their drama last season and she did some stuff to me and to Jonny and she burned her bridge with me.

What’s the worst thing a fellow cast member ever did to you and did you take revenge? 

I’m not a vengeful person so I never really take revenge on anyone. But there are things that happen – because of ego and competition – and I feel like they [the cast] did gang up on me in older seasons. That’s always hard because I go in with good intentions – I’m not vindictive or malicious and sometimes my actions can be misinterpreted.

You guys seem to have so much drama on-camera, is it the same when the cameras stop rolling or are you done at that point?

I’m always over it but drama just seems to follow us around. Even when we’re chilling on a Sunday, not shooting – there’s drama. I’m always dealing with something but I feel like in my older years, I’ve learned to avoid the drama and maneuver away from it. The on-camera drama definitely follows you into your personal life though. Sometimes, something will happen and because I over-think things, I’ll still be lying in bed a week later and thinking about what happened.

What’s the best thing you ever bought? 

Probably my car – I drive a Mercedes G Wagon. I’ve always wanted a G Wagon but my mom and dad said it looks like a milk wagon. I was really happy when I bought it and I got rims on it and custom design.

What’s the best thing anyone has ever bought you? 

 I feel like I have to give my dad a lot of credit – he’s bought me a lot of stuff over the years. But every year for my birthday my friends get together and buy me something. This year I really wanted a Fendi bag bug and they all got me one – I actually have two now.

Do you get buyer’s remorse?

Not really – I think through my purchases. Before I make a purchase I do a lot of research and I decide exactly what I want. I also try to not day-drink because in the afternoon I go shopping and I don’t want to wake up the next day like “why did I buy that?” Everything looks better when you’re drunk and you’re more easily influenced to buy stuff so I never have champagne or anything with lunch.

Are you a big drinker? What’s been the worst thing to happen to you on a night out? 

I selectively drink, I’m all or nothing. When I do drink, I go big and stay out till God knows what time. We’ll do that every one or two weeks. I usually always handle myself and this season you see that. But sometimes, someone will see me out and they’ll volunteer information about people who I’m dating because they feel like they know me and that can ruin my night because it’s like “I don’t want to know!”

Do you believe in ghosts? 

I think there are ghosts and spirits.

If you died and turned into a ghost who would you totally terrorize?  

If I came back as a ghost, maybe kids in high school that were mean to me.

Who is the best and worst celeb you’ve ever met? 

 I feel like everyone that we’ve met has been nice. Once, a girl at Glamville said my voice was annoying but she tried to make it a compliment. She said; “honestly, you’re beautiful but your voice is so annoying.” It was weird.

What’s something that people do that irritates you to your core? 

 I think when people are very selfish and self-centered and not sympathetic to other people.

Have you ever been punched or slapped in the face?

It’s like a running joke that maybe sometimes I should’ve been but it hasn’t happened – maybe one day.

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