Real Models Explain the Un-Glam Side of NYFW

If you know anything about the fashion industry, you know that it’s not ever as glamorous and flawless as it looks on the runway or on the glossy pages of Vogue.

We caught up with top models and bloggers at The Daily Front Row’s 4th Annual Fashion Media Awards to talk their least glamorous moment and how to damage control if their heels break (like we saw in the Yeezy show earlier this week).

First up, Sara Sampaio reminded us that even models get their periods.

“It’s a girl’s thing, but when you’re that time of the month and it’s right during fashion week, that sucks big time,” said Sara.

True that. Especially if the designer decides to put you in a thong…

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When we asked Sara what she’d do if her heels broke, she said it all depends on the shoe.

“It depends on the shoes. Some shoes you could probably still walk and be on your tippy toes, others you might have to take them off and just keep doing it. You know? There’s things you can’t control. It is what it is,” said Sara.

Ebonee Davis claims that hardly any of fashion week is glamorous besides the moments when you’re walking the runway.

“[The most un-glam moment is] every single moment that I’m not on the red carpet or in a fashion show,” she said. “It’s crazy and I’m running around. It’s not glamorous at all. Today I spent the whole day getting fitted and running uptown, running downtown, getting sweaty.”

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Blogger Chriselle Lim may have had the best story of them all though, but I guess that’s what happens once you have a baby.

“There’s quite a few, but the least glam thing was last fashion week I brought my baby,” said Chriselle. “Immediately after I was done feeding her I left and I had barf all over my clothes, but I didn’t know that until another mother, actually my friend Eva Chen, pointed it out. She only knew because she had a baby too.”

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Herieth Paul also stands by exactly what the now infamous Yeezy model did in her broken heels.

“Keep walking, act like nothing happened, and hope that you don’t fall,” said Herieth.

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