On the Runway and Backstage at VFILES Spring 2016

If you’ve ever been to a VFILES show, you know that it’s a party.

Unlike other shows during NYFW that try to exude an elite and standoffish vibe (cough, Kanye’s choice of music yesterday, cough), VFILES is all about being for the people, by the people. Nick Remsen, in his review for Vogue, noted that “you literally have to fight your way in, guest list or not.”

If you did fight your way in, you probably saw some amazing styles from Alessandro Trincone (the designer who put Young Thug in a dress on his newest album cover), Song Seoyoon, and Rushemy Botter, among others. You also may have seen Young Thug casually step up on stage to adjust a model’s look. The show ended with a performance of Playboi Carti, but here’s what went on backstage…

Young Thug adjusts a model

Playboi Carti

Photos by Bekka Gunther

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