Who Says a Thug Can’t Wear a Dress? Young Thug Defies Boundaries on Dazed Cover

The hip hop mogul who’s been making substantial moves ever since his mixtape series I Came From Nothing, a breakthrough collaboration with Rich Gang, and his surprisingly subtle debut album Barter 6, Thug has known to be nothing short of controversial in almost everything he does. The rapper walks, talks and dresses far outside the norm and even farther outside the preconceived “normal” of the hip-hop world. However, does he seem to give a f***? If you had speculation before, he has made it certainly clear that the answer is no after his flamboyant Dazed cover was released yesterday, featuring Thug in a red lace top, with other eccentric images from the spread showcasing the dreaded underdog in a sheer, tulle top and matching tutu, as well as a very loud silk leopard robe.


All in thanks to his unusual and eclectic wardrobe, Thug has always been under everyone’s “gaydar” especially in the hip-hop community. Simply because the rapper does things differently and has been defying gender boundaries in an extremely nonchalant manner, people jump to the “gay” word and describe Thug as “homo”. It’s no secret that the general audience is quick to generalize, based on nothing other than the way someone chooses to portray themselves regardless of sexuality. For this reason, Thug has proved he is not only an important part of hip-hop, but an important part of pop culture in itself. We were in need of someone with a reckless approach to standards, generalizations and stereotypes; territory that Thug has no problem trespassing.


In his Dazed interview, writer Patrick Sandberg even describes Thug’s sister (and manager’s) reaction when she sees her sibling in his tulle ensemble while shooting the editorial, in which she screams at him to take it off immediately. Thug reportedly shrugged and continued to pose anyways. This brother-sister disagreement couldn’t be more reflective of Thugs approach to his haters. As they keep pointing fingers, he’ll continue to shrug it off, and like a true thug for that matter.

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