Rapper Saweetie is the new big boss in the industry to keep an eye on

Saweetie first caught our attention with her standout hit single (and debut single, at that), “Icy Grl” – a spitfire, quick tongued flow about, well, being a boss. 

The song was such a hit, in fact, that singer Kehlani joined with Saweetie for a remix of “Icy Grl,” that was also a hit.

The rapper is in high demand for features, but she is busy working on her second album, due out in November. And yes, she recently just released her first album – so basically, Saweetie is working her ass off and she is not stopping!


Fur & shoes: Jennifer Le, Bra & shorts: Rita Vinieris, Earrings: Melody Ehsani, Ring: Daniel Espinosa

Bodysuit: Bao Tranchi, Shoes: Loriblu, Earrings & rings: Melody Ehsani, Rings: Daniel Espinosa

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Tell us about your new song, “Up Now.” What inspired it?

My roots. The Bay Area. I wanted a real west coast sound.

Who came up with the idea of the “Up Now” video. Why did you choose to use animation rather than star in the video yourself?

We released an animated lyric video first while we prepped the real one. The actual music video is out now and already at 1m views in 3 days. I went home and shot it at the Oakland Coliseum to show love to the Bay.

Your album, “High Maintenance,” recently came out. What has the response been like from the public?

The response has been great from my supporters.  I’m still growing as an artist so I’m not resting. My next album will be out in November and I hope they love it just as much.

What is your favorite song on the album?

“High Maintenance” to get lit, and “AGUA” for a chill vibe.

Bathing suit: Girls On Swim, Hat & fanny pack: JoyRich, Jacket: JoyRich, Boots: Tory Burch, Ring: Melody Eshani x JoyRich

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Who is your favorite artist you have collaborated with so far?

David Guetta. He has this crazy and infectious energy that inspires me to want to go hard. I have a song on his upcoming project called “I’m that B*tch.” I stepped outside of my comfort zone with that one and can’t wait to shoot the video for it and perform it on stage with David.

What/who is your biggest inspiration musically?

My life. I like to talk about things that are going on because I appreciate when artists give us insights that are relatable. There was a point in time where I was working so much I didn’t have a social life. So I made it a point to free some time up to go live life so I’d have stuff to talk about.

How does it make you feel when you pass one of your billboards, or hear a tv show playing your music?

It’s surreal. I’m so thankful and I thank God every moment I remember to because I’m living my dream. Not a lot of people can say that. So when I can I like to stop and soak it in just to remind myself to be grateful and appreciate of all of the opportunities that come my way.

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Do you have any advice for young women aspiring to make it in music?

Learn yourself. Be comfortable with yourself because music is so much better when you’re you.

You are going to be playing a few festivals coming up, Bumbershoot, Made in America, and Rolling Loud. Which are you most excited about?

ALL OF THEM! It’s dope to see how diverse my fan base is. It’s crazy to see thousands of people singing along to your song.

What is next for you? More touring? New music?

Touring, modeling, and acting. I’ll be signing with Next model management which is super exciting. It’s something I always wanted to do but wasn’t “tall enough.”  But hey look at me now. I’ll also be releasing my next EP in November. Super excited about that!

How has your life changed in the last year since your music has blown up?

My life has changed so much. It’s crazy sometimes. I work a lot and I have access to things I’ve never had access to before, like studios, events, and meeting important people. The downside is a few people make up stories about my life and that’s annoying.

What does your day to day life look like now?

Meetings, recording, photo shoots, performing at events, and working out when I can.

Bodysuit: Bao Tranchi, Robe dress: Affair, Shoes: Nasty Gal, Earrings: Melody Ehsani

You’ve worked with many high profile artists. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from one of them?

Get sleep cause this lifestyle can take a lot out of you.

Tell us about all the new videos and features you have coming out. What was it like collabing with these big names in the business?

It’s so much fun and makes me feel like I’m respected as an artist.

How would you describe your personal style?

It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like heels and sometimes I feel like sneakers. Sometimes I feel like Forever 21 and sometimes I feel like Louis Vuitton.

Does your everyday style differ from your onstage style?

Onstage I’m a character so my style is more playful.

Must have beauty product of the moment?


Photos: Amber Asaly

Styling: Manny Jay

Hair: Kahh Spence

Makeup: Josie Melano

Manicure by Temeka Jackson 

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