This editorial places Summer’s sexual tension in a high-fashion context

As Summer nears its end, we all bear some of the same emotions: namely a sort of premature nostalgia and a longing for what the Summer months brought.

Drew Manares, a wardrobe stylist based out of Los Angeles, evokes these emotions and more with his latest editorial, “Limerence”. Limerence is defined as a state of infatuation or obsession, usually with another person. Manares captures feelings of longing, lust, and most things in between in the project.

Starring two male models and a strong female focal point, the editorial alludes to sexuality in a sort of ambiguous way that’s best shown as opposed to described.

The shoot features some major fashion moments a lá Rodarte, Gucci and the rest, but you’ll likely forget the clothes in some respect and get lost in the shoot’s storyline: at least I did.

In speaking with Manares about the special shoot, he gave us some insight about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles. See the exclusive interview and editorial down below.

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What inspired the editorial?

The editorial was inspired by the energy and the vibes of the Summer time. You know, it’s warm out, we’re all hot and bothered and want to mingle and meet someone who will be potentially be bae for the Fall. LOL.

Jorrit and Tom: Hanes briefs, Sydney: Rodarte skirt and top, Ashley Williams earrings, Gucci tights, Marc Jacobs shoes

The editorial is titled “Limerence”, how do the fashions in the story play to this theme?

For this story I really wanted to play up the romanticism, and display how people try to give their best fashion in order to gain the attention from another person whether it’s seeking sexual attention or even just acceptance from their peers.

What is your favorite trend you’ve seen this summer for women and men?

My favorite trend that I have seen for men this summer has been the use of the fanny pack or as some say “sling bag”, because I love the idea of men embracing the usage of a bag and accessorizing more because bulky pockets are tacky.

As far as for women, I’m loving the whole western/cowboy aesthetic, especially cowboy boots. Growing up my father has always been into western films and I would always watch them with him and I was always fascinated seeing these strong male leads in a full classic cowboy look on tv. Now, seeing fabulous and fierce ladies embodying that strong male cowboy character, it just gets me so excited. Also, I am still on the hunt for the perfect white cowboy boots, so if anyone has any suggestions, HOLLA AT YA BITCH!

Jorrit (Left): Givenchy shirt, The Gold Gods necklace; Tom (right) Calvin Klein shirt

Jorrit (Left): Helmut Lang blazer, Prada trousers, Bally shoes; Tom (Right): DKNY Blazer, Acne Studios trousers, Coach shoes; Sydney: Calvin Klein dress, Alessandra Rich earrings

As we transition from summer and then Fall, what pieces are a staple to have in your closet?

I always love to layer, so transitioning from Summer to Fall a staple to have in your closet is a light weight trench coat. I just got the perfect vintage DKNY silver linen trench and I’m obsessed!

How does one stay cool, but still cute in the blazing hot summer?

The easiest way to still be cute in the blazing hot summer is with a monochromatic look. Like seriously, the blind can even do it. For example, I love the idea of just a simple white tank, tucked into a white high waisted short with a white sneaker, like how effortlessly chic? UGH!

Jorrit (Left): Helmut Lang tank, Y-Project blazer, Prada trousers. Bally shoes; Tom (Right): Y-Project shirt, Acne Studios trousers, Coach shoes

Jorrit, Tom, and Sydney: all wearing stylist’s own gloves.

What’s the hardest or most annoying thing about being a stylist?

Let me just paint this picture for you:

The hardest most annoying thing about being a stylist is that when you yourself is trying to save money, but you’re out shopping/prepping for a job and then you come across the perfect black shorts by Helmut Lang, and you can’t ignore it. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT! Because, it’s perfect, and you’ve been needing it, and you say, “FUCK IT! I’m working, and getting paid, TREAT YOSELF!”

That’s  the hardest part, is constantly  being around fabulous clothes, but you still need to pay rent, and can’t always just buy yourself something from Balenciaga just because you’re already there shopping for a job. You know???

Sydney: Calvin Klein trench coat, Gucci tights

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Any advice for aspiring young stylists to really break through the industry?

As cliche as it is, STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE AND KNOW YOUR WORTH SIS! A lot of people will try to compare you to someone else or try to get you to work for a lower rate, but honey, as long as you know who you are and have a solid foundation and good friends around you, you can’t be bothered with some bullshit, you remain golden.

Photographer: Eponine Huang
Stylist: Drew Manares @ Wilhelmina
Makeup: Diane da Silva @ Atelier
Hair: Traci Barrett @ Art Dept
Models: Sydney @ Nomad Model MGMT/Jorrit and TomHollywood Model Management
Producer: Kevin Ipalari


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