We Got Ra-Ra From ‘The Get Down’ To Talk About Feelings

In case you haven’t noticed, at Galore we’ve been a little obsessed with The Get Down

For those of you not in the loop, The Get Down is a Netflix original series set in the Bronx of the 1970s.

It tells the story of how popular music went from disco to hip hop, and also subtly tells the real origin story of Grandmaster Flash, considered to be one of the founding fathers of hip hop DJing, mixing, and cutting.

We caught up with Skylan Brooks, who plays ‘Ra-Ra,’ and talked what went on behind the scenes, why dudes should start rocking bellbottoms, and why guys shouldn’t be afraid of getting all up in their feelings.

What does it feel like to wear flared pants?

I’ll be honest [laughing], I wasn’t feeling it at first. They were very uncomfortable and it was hard to get adjusted, if you catch my drift. But once I saw the history and the style behind it, I was able to rock it with confidence as the character. But it took a while, a long while. 

What aspect of 70s style do you think more dudes should adopt in 2016?

I was really feeling the bellbottom jeans. I don’t know what it is, but you feel clean when you walk. My costume for episode two was really fresh and stood out to me.

Do you talk feelings with your IRL bestie as much as Ra-Ra does?

It kinda depends. We’re always sharing ideas and ways to push ourselves and others further, but we joke a lot too. I would say a little less than ‘Ra-Ra’ would. 

Do you think more dudes should be open about their emotions? Why do you think that most guys aren’t?

I think guys should be more open about their emotions. I believe most guys aren’t because they’re unsure of who they can confide in. We sometimes overthink things and over complicate a little bit. I know I do. Especially when it comes to girls. It really depends on how comfortable they are.

Tell us about the final performance, how much rehearsal did you all put into that?

We put in so much sweat, minus the blood and tears, for about a week and a half. Being that it was our first performance as a team, we had to learn Flash’s secret pass technique as MC’s. It was pretty tough, but we blasted that performance!

Did all the guys on set have a crush on Herizan?

TBH, all the guys on set were focused on scenes and other things, but the extras had a thing for her.

Where would you take a first date in NYC?

Whew! To be real with you all, I don’t know. I have no idea where I would take her. Probably to a park or beach. 

Have you ever gotten in trouble for throwing a party in real life?

Nope. I had the fear of my mom in me [laughing].

Can you explain to me what it feels like to see yourself on a billboard?

It’s a kind of cool feeling. It’s so cool to say to a random person on the street, “hey that’s me, crazy, right?” And then just give them a high five for no reason.  I’m just weird like that [laughing]. 

Who are some current hip hop artists you’re currently digging?

Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Logic, Evidence, Dilated Peoples, Chance The Rapper, Blu, and Oddisee.

What’s your favorite hip hop song right now?

It rotates everyday it feels because music is always giving off different vibes and feelings sometimes. But I definitely got hype to “Heaven Only Knows” by Chance The Rapper. 

Do you binge watch Netflix? What’s your favorite show?

The one show I actually sort of binge watched was “The Seven Deadly Sins.” That anime was dab-worthy. Plus it was a Netflix Original, so I expected it to be lit from the beginning.

What would your “juice” be in real life?

Hmmm…My secret weapons would have to be singing, playing piano and drums, and the true meaning behind my name. If I was to break those out, people might be surprised. Just to throw it in there, my biggest fear is heights. To skydive would fulfill the bucket list if I had one.

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