Turns Out Queens Were The Pettiest In History & Launched The Most Wars

When you think of the peeps who waged wars throughout history, you probs think of some grumpy old king who was thirsty for new land and new women for him to force into marriage.

But, you’d be wrong.

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In fact, the people who waged wars the most throughout history were actually the queens.

European queens were 27% more likely than kings to wage war, according to a National Bureau of Economics working paper (paywall, sry).

Married queens were more likely than solo queens to wage war, but it wasn’t because they were being encouraged by their husbands. In fact, they actually kind of used their husband as a pawn to hide their blood-thirst since women weren’t supposed to be seen as leading war efforts in those times (and low key still aren’t today).

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Quartz cites Queen Isabella and her husband Ferdinand II as a great example. While she was the brains behind the operation, planning military campaigns and rallying troops, her husband was the one who led the troops into battle because he was male.

Ah, it’s hard to be the beauty and the brains of the operation, so makes sense to have the man do the heavy lifting. Plus, they could use their husband’s home country as an ally in their battles.

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And guess what? Queen-led wars were more likely to result in gained territory. Granted, the authors of the study stress the fact that this had to do with female leaders having to organize their queendoms differently from men, therefore strengthening their financial resources.

But either way, go girls.

H/T: Quartz

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