There’s a Sneaky Way For Parents To Find Out If You’re Sexting

Parental control settings on your TV and computer are bad, and so is when your parents track you using “Find My Friends,” but do you know what’s worse?

An app that is literally determined to tell your parents when you’re sending or receiving nudes.

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I wish this was a joke or a figment of some sick person’s imagination, but it’s not. The app is called Guardian Gallery (not to be confused with Guardians of the Galaxy), and the founder just sat down with BBC to talk about it.

Basically, the app can detect if there’s a human in the picture, and it uses some sort of algorithm to determine how much skin is shown. The more skin that’s shown, the more likely the photo is to be flagged as a naughty pic.

So basically, you can get around the app by leaving your clothes on and just exposing a little private part, if you’re into that.

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Or, better yet, you can use Snapchat, because the app can’t analyze data from Snapchat unless you screenshot the image.

But regardless of if you can get around the app or not — the answer is yes, you can — why would parents think this is a good idea?

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Sure, you might be saving your daughter or son from getting their nudes leaked and being publicly shamed, but if she feels overprotected, she’s probs just going to act out more. After all, if you can’t send nudes, you’ll probs just go out and get naked IRL. And you can’t get pregnant from sexting!

H/T: Teen Vogue

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