A definitive ranking of all the soap opera twists in the Pretty Little Liars finale

After seven long seasons of constantly being reminded that everything you thought you knew about what was happening in Rosewood was a lie, Pretty Little Liars finally came to an end last night.

But not without unleashing one last handful of soap opera twists and turns. And we’re ranking them because why not.

It goes without saying, but this post will be filled with spoilers.

If you haven’t watched the finale of PLL yet, instead of telling you that you should stop reading, I’m gonna come right out and say it: why did you even click on this link in the first place? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that you did, traffic is traffic, but you’re just asking for trouble.

But enough about that, let’s get down to business already. Pretty Little Liars has already taken up enough of your time and mental energy, so let’s not waste another second more in the intro.

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4. Mona running away from the cops so she could flee to a foreign country to open up a doll shop

This isn’t just a common soap opera trope, it’s one of the most stereotypical plot devices in the book.

How many times have you watched a dramzy movie or TV show where a character is hiding from their former life in a new state or country doing some random job?

It’s a tale-as-old-as-time move, which makes it kind of boring.

Like cool, you magically escaped your fate for now, but your life won’t get interesting again until either your past comes back to haunt you or you get mixed up in some new trouble soooooo, I’m gonna just change the channel now.

Honestly, Mona deserved better.

3. Everybody either learned they were pregnant, got married or had some other giant relationship status update

Even though syncing up is a myth, the main characters of PLL are apparently so in sync that it’s not just their periods that happen at the same time, it’s their relationship milestones.

Allison got engaged to Emily. Aria and Ezra finally got married. Hanna and Caleb learned they were pregnant. And Spencer and Toby decided it had been enough time since his fiance died, even though it’s only been what, a couple of days, so they could be together again.

Movies and TV shows always end up by tying up everybody’s relationship into a neat “I love you” bow, but it doesn’t even matter because it’s satisfying every time.

Isn’t is kinda gross how easily manipulated we are to care about things?

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2. Spencer having an evil twin

Besides surprise falling into a coma, learning that somebody has an evil twin is the ultimate soap opera plot twist. Especially if that evil twin wears an eye patch.

But instead of an eye patch, Spencer’s evil twin was going around terrorizing the town. How extra, right?

In the finale, Spencer not only finds out that she has an evil twin, but that the proof was staring her in the face the whole time. Because “.A.D.” stands for her evil twin’s name: Alex Drake.

It’s a whole complicated thing, but basically Mary Drake kept Alex a secret from the Hastings when they adopted her other daughter Spencer. Mary then put Alex up for adoption, some English family took her in, but then they realized she was troubled af and they gave her back, demanding she change her last name back to Drake.

One day Alex met up with Wren, Spencer’s half-sister Melissa’s ex-fiancé, at a bar, they fell in love, and started hatching up a plot to punish Spencer and her friends for having everything that Alex never did.

It may be a classic, but the ole evil twin twist never gets old.

1. The whole thing ending on a cliffhanger

True soap operas never end, and it kind of seems like PLL is setting us all up for a spinoff.

Not only does A.D. escape with Mona to France but at the very end of the show, Addison Derringer invites her friends over to her house for a sleepover and then mysteriously disappears, which is more or less the same way PLL began in the first place.

True drama never dies. It just gets rebooted.

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