[PREMIERE] Sheare’s “Thrillz” Is a Pop Psychedelic Bop

This cat is so cool, you’ll undoubtedly realize he is your spirit animal by the time you’re done listening to his tune, “Thrillz” and reading this Q&A.

Besides the fact that Brandon Sheer’s music is killer, he’s probs the most stylish dude you’ll ever see. Go ahead and ask your boyfriend if he knows who Alessandro Michele is, and you’ll see what I mean. From Hawaiian shirts, to an appreciation for Gucci, he also can perform an ‘Nsync song or two — need I say more?

You can always count on Brandon to bring us those hooks of dreams, and his new single “Thrillz” is another banger-of-a-dance track with harmonic vocal layers of goodness — featuring B’s falsetto harmonies that are sure to stick to the cerebral like a piece of sugary cotton candy.

Check out the premiere of Sheare’s bop, “Thrillz,” and then follow him on the socials to steal his fashion vibes. Do it.


Full name and nickname(s)

Brandon Sheer. Joben (not actually, but it would be rad if people started calling me that.).

Do you have favorite quote/or mantra?

“I have my dad’s eyes and my mother’s anxiety.”- me.

Name your musical Influences.

I really love Beck and M83 a lot. Also love Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Arcade Fire. I wouldn’t say they really have influenced me stylistically though. I consciously set out to make songs that would annoyingly get stuck in your head like that Nokia ring tone from the 90’s.

Describe your sound.

The male equivalent of 1989 Taylor Swift, but with Beck’s style.

You’ve said that you think people are afraid of Pop Music, Why do you think that?

Well, if we’re talking on a larger scale, pop music still dominates the radio and iTunes. On a smaller scale, in the space I’m currently in, I think so much of the music coming out of “tastemakers” like Hypem or Spotify are way more indie or “dark pop” leaning. I think there’s a fear for people to just say ” I sing the shit out of Coldplay when no one’s around” or “I actually think Taylor is really dope” because that music has been deemed “uncool”. But personally, I think having the ability to still sell out arenas and sell millions of records during a time when people aren’t buying records they way they once did, is the coolest thing in the world.

Your hero is Max Martin who has written some really great songs — what are some of your favorites by him?

Again, I think 1989 is brilliant. The more emotional leaning Katy Perry songs like “The One That Got Away” is great too. Obviously, [‘Nsync’s] “No Strings Attached” was insane.

Does this mean you were a Backstreet Boys fan when you were younger? Any fun stories about that?

Nope NSYNC alllll the daaayyyy (said in Kanye voice). I used to have spikey hair and people have said I look like JC Chasez, so I was pretty enamored by them and their showmanship from an early age. I still have their HBO special on VHS somewhere at my parent’s place. One summer in camp, me and a few of friends actually learned all the moves to “It’s Gonna Be Me” and performed it at the end of summer talent show. We were probably like 10, but still…..you’re welcome ladies.

What movie soundtrack would “Thrillz” fit on best?

I think if [Film Director] John Hughes were still alive today, it would be fitting for one of his movies. Maybe the ending credits.

What was the inspiration for the track?

I wrote THILLZ as a kind of tongue and cheek way of saying I do music because I’m clearly not a sane person, like most artists. If I were, I’d probably be an accountant in Dayton, Ohio or some place like that where you can buy a massive house for like 40k. Ultimately, I do music because I can’t imagine doing anything else, but the motivation isn’t in hopes of seeking validation or fame through doing it (though obviously that would be great).

What bands/music are you obsessed with right now?

“Somebody Else” by The 1975 is one of my favorite songs at the moment. Love the Francis and the Lights record. The Life of Pablo is brilliant.

If you could play an acoustic with cover songs, what songs would you pick?

Well, Katy Perry already did it, but “Fountain’s of Wayne’s Hackensack.” It’s just such a honest and cleverly written song. Aside from that, “There’s Nothing Like You and I” by The Perishers.

You seem to have a pretty awesome sense of fashion — What is your current go- to concert outfit?

Thank you! I move around a lot on stage and get gross after the second song, so I usually wear something sleeveless but all black, with the exception of these dope gold boots I have. Sometimes I wear something colorful like a Hawaiian styled shirt.

Who are some fashion designers you love?

I think everything Hedi Slimane has done for Saint Laurent have been amazing. It’s a bummer he’s leaving after this season. I also think what Alessandro Michele has done for Gucci, and what Stuart Vevers for Coach have also been amazing. I also really love this emerging NYC based designer called Isidoro Francisco who makes these dope “Boys of New York” bombers. And I think Common Projects make the most classic sneakers, by far.  

What do you hope to accomplish this year? Where do you think you’ll be in a year?

I have one more single and a video coming out before the end of the year that I’m really excited about. I think I’ve accomplished a lot of the things I had hoped I would just in the sense that I’m now consistently releasing new music. I took some time off from releasing music last year because I wanted to really figure out where I wanted to go musically and I’ve since shifted stylistically from what I was originally doing. I hope a year from now I’m still releasing new music that I’m excited about. I could say, I hope I’m massively successful and a household name, but I think as long you keep releasing good music, you’re already successful in a way.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while on tour or while performing?

I remember one of my first shows I was massively nervous and playing a solo acoustic show at Rockwood Music Hall stage 1, where you can literally see everyone’s pores, it’s that small. I remember just a bunch of people on their phones and I made some comment like “Hey, this should be like a movie theatre where they make you turn off your phones”. I felt like such a dick, but in hindsight it’s kind of funny.

What’s next for you?

I think I’ll probably hold off on releasing a full length until a label gets involved because people’s attention span are so short (mine included). I’m going to release a few more singles and then maybe an EP in the Spring.

How can we stalk you?

With a high intensity camera lens 😉 #DadJokes

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