POP Cones! Roll in style with these tropical rolling papers.

Calling all 420 lovers! Pop Cones is here to enhance your rolling with their pre-rolled papers available in 4 tropical flavors and 2 sizes. Pop Cones are a pioneering development in the conical smoking industry. Developed by P&L Sales Group, Pop Cones introduces a unique feature to conical smoking incorporating flavor beads into each. This innovation allows users to activate the flavor as desired throughout their smoking experience. By including flavor beads, Pop Cones offers a convenient and customizable way for smokers to enhance their smoking sessions with bursts of flavor. Available flavors include Tropical Mango, Strawberry Jam, Banana Cream, and Super Sweet. P&L Sales Group and Twisted Hemp’s new innovative product, Pop Cones. Pop Cones bring a unique twist to conical smoking with flavor beads incorporated into each cone. This feature allows users to activate bursts of flavor throughout their smoking experience, making it convenient and customizable. Pop Cones offers a range of flavors, including Tropical Mango, Strawberry Jam, Banana Cream, and Super Sweet, and are available in 2 different sizes, king and 1 ¼. This product is so innovative that it has been granted five patents. All of P&L’s non-tobacco, non-nicotine options are healthier alternatives for smokers and also allow them to taste their smoking blends truly. Great for all types of Legal Plants and Herbs. Shop POP Cones here.

Featured Interview:

How does this paper differ from others on the market?

Pop Cones is the first cone on the market that has a flavor-changing click ball. This click ball allows users to pop it and activate flavor on demand.

What makes a good paper for the best burn?

To Us, at P&L we believe a good paper is based on personal preference that’s why we stock options from Natural Paper to Ultra Thin. Definitely, each smoker has their preference but one common thing across all cones and papers that makes a quality product is consistency in using the same materials time after time so the consumer knows exactly what they are getting when they make a purchase.

How did the need for this come up? Where did your idea come from?

Pop Cone’s idea came from expanding a more on-demand and more flavorful in-your-face strong flavor compared to a traditional flavored rolling paper. We wanted to match the flavor intensity of a blunt wrap but have it be available for the paper cone smoker as well.

How did you get into the hemp wrap business? 

We got into the hemp space in 2016, after coming from tobacco. Working with some larger brands in the tobacco space we saw consumer flavor profiles were switching and people wanted to still have an item that burned slowly like a blunt or tobacco wrap but had no nicotine or tobacco. We picked up on this trend as pretty early adopters in the market and have tried to maintain our product to mimic traditional tobacco items without the nicotine or harshness of tobacco.

Which flavor do you recommend trying first and how did you pick these flavors? 

On the Pop Cones personally, I would go with a 1 ¼ ultra-thin super sweet flavor which is similar to a cotton candy bubble gum mix, but I tend to like over-the-top sweetness and flavor. On the Hemp Wrap Side, I would follow a similar suit, with Blue Raspberry Cherry a very strong bold flavor that a huge nose hit followed by strong flavor on the tongue. These are 2 I would recommend just because a lot of competitors don’t produce these flavors so it’s something unique. When it comes to designing flavors we kind of go old school, if someone comes up with an idea we start creating different flavor variations until the team feels satisfied enough to release the flavor. These ideas have come from food and beverage while out to dinner, to something as simple as someone in the office wanting to create a spin on a competitor’s offering in the market.

What are the benefits of Pop Cones?

The biggest benefit of Pop Cones is the flavor-on-demand system so you can add flavor upfront, midway through, or not at all. We believe this provides the smoker with the ultimate flexibility to add or not add flavor as desired. 

What can we expect next?

We are dropping a lighter collab with Mike Tyson for his Tyson 2.0 brand next week which we are excited about and provides a cool spin on a staple in the smoking world. For the innovation side, we have a new product launching called Swype which will be a small pen stye applicator that will allow a consumer to add flavoring to any wrap or cone of their choice to the desired flavor strength. So you can mix and match these flavors and create your own mix with just a quick swipe of the pen down the wrap or paper.  

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