We Played Kill, F*ck, Marry With Lil Dicky And Galantis

We spent a day behind the scenes with grammy-nominated Swedish electronic duo, Galantis, and rapper Lil Dicky while they gave us some insightful knowledge on how to take on the new year.

Olivia Vigo: If you could kiss anyone on NYE who would it be?

Galantis: Hello Kitty, Skrillex, and Kirsten Dunst.

Lil Dicky: I want to smooch Kate Mara, I think I may be in love with her.

OV: New Year’s Resolutions?

LD: Live more in the moment and be appreciative for what you’ve got.

OV: Let’s play Kill, F*ck, Marry…

G: I’ll kill E-40, he’s too dad like, I’ll marry G-Eazy, and bang Bieber, but he isn’t really wife material, just hookup material. 

LD: Kill Adele, fuck Miley and marry Jennifer Lawrence.

OV: The most successful way to get girls? (or boys?)

LD: I say the same thing every time. I tap a girl on the shoulder: ‘Excuse me, what is your availability in terms of being hit on right now, would you say you’re open to it?’ Most girls are down or say they’re just here with their friends. Either way, it works every time.

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