Orange Is The New Black ‘s Jackie Cruz Talks Überliss & Beauty Musts

It is safe to say that we are all guilty of binging hard on Orange Is The New Black and there is no shame in that. Season 2 brought the drama and reminded viewers why we love this show, the characters. Flaca, played by Jackie Cruz, is Litchfield’s resident Latina hipster who has a feisty demeanor but is a real sucker for love. We chatted with Cruz as she hosted at Überbliss’ beauty event and learned about her obsession with Elvis, Mac lipstick and Arrested Development.

By Shannon Kurlander


Your character on Orange is The New Black is pretty snobby about her music tastes. What are you listening to?
I always say that Flaca is cooler than me so lately I have been listening to what she likes. I have been listening to Etta James, Elvis Costello, Fiona Apple- just people that inspire me for my own music. I even like folk music. I try to involve all kinds of music.

Tell me more about your music and Hollywood Gypsy:
I have an EP on iTunes and I also have a store on Etsy called Hollywood Gypsy where I take vintage items and make them contemporary. I make a lot of headpieces and floral headbands. I started selling them last summer with my cousin and we sold out. Now that I’ve been busy I had it closed out for a minute. Hollywood Gypsy, the EP, is a little taste of me. I wrote the songs from my past experiences of heartbreak. I’m happy right now but I need to start writing again

What’s your best way of dealing with that heartbreak?
Writing. I’m afraid to write sometimes because I don’t want to go back to those feelings but that’s when I write good music. When I’m writing a song I want to make people feel the way I felt at that moment, especially when I sing it. I’m afraid to sing it sometimes because it’s so personable and vulnerable. Plus I have stage fright, it’s weird I know. With Flaca I’m all whatever but when I’m mic’d up I think what are people going to think…this is me and these are my songs.

Running your Hollywood Gypsy shop on Etsy, what is the coolest vintage piece you have discovered?
Well I like to take jean jackets, and I’m obsessed with Elvis, so I’ll take Elvis shirts and I’ll put them on a jean jacket, roll it up and put some spikes on it. It’s easy stuff and people love it. It’s still up we just don’t sell right now. I’m going to start doing headbands though and do a Game of Thrones type…jewelry for your head. I have never been much for jewelry; I’m mostly about headpieces and hats.

Orange Is The New Black is everyone’s favorite binge show. What do you binge on?
House of Cards, Mad Men, Arrested Development- everyday I watch an episode and I don’t care if I have seen it before because it’s just so funny. I love that show and every character is hilarious.

If you were really in prison and could sneak in contraband, what beauty item would you sneak in?
My ruby red Mac lipstick or my liquid eyeliner…make sure it’s liquid.

And your favorite Überliss product?
Rituoil. You know it’s summertime and my hair gets frizzy and you use this to calm it down and make it shiny and smooth. It’s perfect.


On Instagram it truly seems like everyone on Orange Is The New Black are great friends. How is the cast chemistry on and off set?
We get along on set. There’s this scene I do with Adrienne Moore, we’re friends, and I was like you can really push me because I want it to look realistic. When we were rehearsing it she wouldn’t really do it and then yeah she pushed me. That is really real and I pushed her back and she didn’t move. I was like “this is really hard”. We were laughing. Dani [Danielle Brooks] and I hang out outside. We’re always fighting over salt and vinegar chips.

Viewers have yet to really find out why Flaca is incarcerated. Any ideas?
I think it’s about love because she’s always talking about Ian. I think he has something to do with that. I don’t know. Honestly if I was in prison it would be for love too because I’m a sucker like my mother says. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m actually getting a tattoo with a heart on my sleeve, a little one. I like little tattoos. My best friend and I may get lions because we are Leo’s and feel powerful and strong.

You are on top and successful right now but I know you went through some rough times when you had a really horrific car accident. Any advice for people out there going through a difficult time?
Everyone learns with their experiences but no matter what your mom says you’re going to do what you want. The other day I had a rude comment on my Instagram and what am I going to do? Listen to them? I would be waitressing still. You can’t listen to negativity. You have to listen to your heart and if god put something in your heart you have to follow that. You need to be happy.

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