OgCrains reaffirms his place as a trailblazing emerging rapper with ‘Helen Keller.’

If OgCrains’ single ‘Helen Keller’ is anything to go by, the West Coast rapper has a hell of a lot to say -and when he says it, he does so with his full chest, putting relentless personality and honesty into each rhyme he creates.

Listen to the track HERE

For those unfamiliar with OgCrains, let’s start by introducing him as a highly touted emerging rap artist currently playing a significant role in keeping the West Coast hip-hop sound alive (even as he reshapes it into his own unique thing). He draws inspiration from the likes of Nas, Biggie Smalls, Atmosphere, Kendrick Lamar, and Kevin Gates, but his music is also uniquely his own, and he is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new voices in hip-hop.

Hailing from San Diego originally, OgCrains gained traction with singles like ‘West Coast Vibe’ and ‘Who Am I,’ as well as several other successful tracks. 

But ‘Helen Keller’ will likely be OgCrains’ most significant, most successful song yet. 

Melodious strings introduce the track – a la Kanye West’s ‘All of the Lights (Interlude)’ – before we’re quickly thrown into a pummelling, punishing bassline. If the contrasts in the songs are sudden – and slightly jarring – it’s because OgCrains does his best work when he’s keeping his listeners guessing. After all, we quickly learn that this is a song all about contrasts; OgCrains raps about ‘elegance’ even as he says he’s going to “fuck your bitch”; he raps about a life of excess even as he says it leaves him feeling “gnarly”; he thrusts you into a beautiful, intense, highs-and-lows rap odyssey and you leave at the other side of it feeling slightly shaken and exhilarating. 
OgCrains doesn’t do half-measures. He says things with his chest. That’s what makes ‘Helen Keller’ such a winner. Don’t miss the artist`s new release, “Dedication.”

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