Obama Is Skipping Nancy Reagan’s Funeral For SXSW

Barack Obama is pulling the ultimate bro move by making Michelle Obama attend former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Wednesday while he goes to SXSW, the New York Post reports.

Obama is the keynote speaker at the Interactive portion of the festival, a.k.a. the week before all the concerts, when all the dorks go down to talk about apps. He’s going to talk about how tech can save the world, according to the Post, so apparently he’s gunning for a job at Google or Facebook after his term ends.

It seems like kind of a dick move at first, but at least it’s a dick move with precedent: when Betty Ford died in 2011, a few former First Ladies showed face but no former presidents attended (besides George W. Bush because what else does he really have going on).

In a strange twist, Hillary Clinton will also be at Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Wednesday. So apparently if you’ve ever been married to a president, even running for prez yourself won’t get you out of funeral duty. Bummer.

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