Beyonce impersonator, Jade Novah, is ready to take the stage with her debut album “All Blue”

I’m sure by now, you have all seen the spot-on Beyonce impressions floating around the Internet – mainly of which she talks us through the strategy behind her Instagram layout. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here now, and thank us later. 

The extremely talented, extremely funny woman behind it is Jade Novah.

Jade is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, comedian, and viral sensation who is ready to take the stage in her very own spotlight. She has spent several years singing background vocals and writing songs for major artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, and Rihanna. Jade’s musical expertise even landed her the gig of mentoring talent on Fox’s new musical competition show, “The Four.”

She has had one after another when it comes to viral videos that showcase both her amazing vocal range as a singer, and her ability to perfectly impersonate celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. Ready to finally step into her own spotlight musically, Jade has just released her highly anticipated, debut album “All Blue.” You can listen to the album here.

The album is a mix of everything from nostalgic R&B, ethereal trap, hip hop, and even pop, and it is sooooooo good! We got to hangout with Jade to take some pictures and and get the answers to all things we have been dying to know about Mrs. Novah. Keep scrolling below to read the full interview and don’t forget to checkout her new album “All Blue” out now!

Who has been your biggest inspiration musically?

Honestly, the music of Disney! That was one of my first introductions into music at a very young age. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t a Disney princess! The music was always so magical and timeless, and I always strive to have an element of that magic in my art to make people feel the way I did as a young girl listening to those songs.

How did you get your start in music?

I started out singing in a girl group when I was about 8 or 9. I’ve been pursuing a career in music ever since!

Who has been your favorite artist to sing backup for and why?

Rihanna! I started singing background vocals for her in 2014 for her Monster Tour and continued on through her Anti World Tour. Her songs are so eclectic and I have always been a huge fan of her music, so there was literally never a dull moment!

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You have been writing songs for artists for awhile now under group PenUp Dolls, what made you want to step into the spotlight and start singing the songs yourself?

When I first met my husband and producer, Devin Johnson! I met him at a writing camp in Atlanta, and we started collaborating on music for other artists. We both were at a place where we were tired of chasing song placements and not being allowed to be as expressive or creative as we wanted to be. It was the perfect time to get back to making music for myself, because I had finally met someone who could help me bring my music and ideas to life!

What was your performance for Stevie Wonder like? How did him reaching out to you personally make you feel?

It was surreal! I’m still floating from that experience, honestly. His music is part of the reason I became an artist and songwriter. After he heard a cover I did of his song, “Overjoyed” he invited me to sing at his annual charity concert, “House Full of Toys.” It was truly one of the most defining moments for me as an artist.

What do you hope comes out of all this, is your end goal to be performing your music as a pop star?

I just want to make beautiful art, travel the world, and be an inspiration to other dreamers and music lovers out there. For me, there is no “end goal,” because this dream is never ending. I want to do everything I can for as long as I can (including, but not limited to, performing my music as a pop star)!

Tell us about Keyonce Bowles and how that personality got started?

I’ve always loved doing impersonations and making people laugh! When I was younger, I would literally go around speaking in different accents just for fun. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan, and would imitate her voice around my friends and family. One day my husband suggested I put it up online, and so we created Keyoncé, the fictitious long lost twin of Beyoncé. I had no idea it would go as viral as it did!

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Has Beyonce or any other celebrities responded to any of your impressions of them?

Yes! I did a Christmas parody called, “Slay Bells,” where I impersonated a few of my favorite artists. Erykah Badu and Michelle Williams were among them and they both responded on my IG with laughter!

How does it feel when you’re online scrolling through social media and see one of your own videos that has gone viral?

It feels incredible to have been able to reach so many people with my art! This is an amazing time to be a creative. Social media has literally changed the entertainment industry and allows creators like myself the chance to reach millions in an instant.

You recently released your single “All Blue” what has the reaction been to it from fans?

My fans have been so supportive! The day the single came out, it debuted at #7 on the iTunes R&B charts, which was a big deal for me because I was literally the only independent artist in the top 10. They sent me tons of videos singing along to “All Blue,” and it felt so good to have their love and support!

You are set to release your album this summer, what can we expect from it?

Yes! The album is titled “All Blue,” and will be available everywhere July 13th! This album has everything from ethereal trap and hip-hop (yes, I’ll be spitting some bars lol), to R&B and pop vibes! There’s so many different vibes musically, but everything has a cinematic element to it as well as an underlying theme of elevation!

Are you planning on putting your focus on your music or can we still expect to see your hilarious impressions popping up on YouTube?

I literally want to do it all but this is “All Blue” season right now. I’m also working on a few other different projects that will showcase more of my acting, writing, and comedy!

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How would you describe your personal style?

I always let my hair lead the way. I’ve been wearing goddess locs for about a year and a half now and they’ve transformed my style so much. I’ve been living in boho fashion, colorful prints, and layers ever since! Once I change my hair again, I’m sure my style will follow suit.

Fav beauty product right now?

I’m obsessed with all things Fenty Beauty (go Ri Ri!).

Fav vacation spot?

I had the time of my life in Amsterdam.

Beach or pool?

Beach, of course. But, then again, I love all things blue these days.

Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

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