Bazzi is a lyrical connoisseur tugging on our heart-strings

We’re a sucker for romantic dudes, there’s no getting around it. 

You know, the bad boy type with a soft side that can low-key write you the love song of our generation? Those guys are pretty hard to come by, but it seems Bazzi may just fit the bill.

If you don’t know him by name (though, you probably should by now), you definitely know the words to his hit song, “Mine.” Earlier this year, just about every girl was captioning their Instagram posts with the lyrics, “You so fuckin’ precious when you smile.”

Yes, even you. Don’t lie.

Since the release of the song that captured hearts of thousands of girls, Bazzi has unveiled a number of other hit singles like, “Beautiful,” and a full album by the name of, “Cosmic,” which have successfully put him on the map as the next heartthrob to watch.

I sat down with the lyrical connoisseur himself to discuss all things behind his music, romantic life, and dating experiences. Check out the exclusive photoshoot and interview below!


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So first off, congratulations on the success of “Cosmic!” Most of the songs on the album are either love songs or songs pertaining to love. Are they about one experience or girl in particular? If so, do you think she knows? 

It’s definitely not about one girl or one experience. It’s about three years of me being in LA, so it pertains to a lot of different girls, circumstances, and feelings. I think that the girls have a decent idea that it’s about them.

I know you’ve said that you want your work to be honest and come from your own experiences. What would you say are the top 3 most honest songs on the album?

I’d say the top three honest songs on the album are, “Honest,” “Why?,” and “Mirror.”

Have you ever struggled at all when putting these experiences on paper? If so, how did you get past it?

I’ve actually never struggled, it’s never been hard for me to get these words off my chest. It’s almost therapeutic, it feels really natural to go to the studio and write about how I’m feeling and the things I’m going through.

I know you also write for other artists. What makes you want to give a song to someone else instead of keeping it for yourself? How do you differentiate between the two? 

Writing for other artists and working on a Bazzi song are completely different – it’s a completely different mindset. I would never just go to the studio to make a Bazzi song, I always have an intention or something I want to say.

Writing for other artists is more careless, because I just write for no reason at all – and if it fits for someone, then it fits. But, if not, it was good for me to be creative and enjoy myself.

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3:15 is about not seeing someone anymore or as often as you’d like because things have picked up so rapidly with your career. How do you maneuver dating and meeting girls now that your career has taken off?

I’m not too focused on dating and meeting girls right now. I’m really focused on music and my time is so occupied. But, when the right one comes, it’s easy to just have a friendship and a relationship with someone who genuinely cares about you.

In “Honest,” you talk about a girl doing things to try and get a reaction out of you. What’s the most annoying thing a girl does to try and get a guy’s attention? Is there a crazy story you have of something a girl has done to try and get a reaction out of you? 

I think the most annoying thing a girl can do to get attention is try to hurt you. I think that’s really frustrating. If it’s going out with your friends and getting close with them or doing certain things that they know are insecurities of yours – picking at that to try and get something out of you because they want that missing piece back.

What about guys? What are some crazy things you’ve done to get a girl’s reaction? 

Same thing. I can’t be hypocritical, we all pick at others’ insecurities and things we know our significant other doesn’t like when we’re in a fight because we want them to react. We want to feel that they care and that we’re important and wanted and that’s why we do those things.

Social media can also play a role in those kind of games and trying to get the attention of someone. Girls will post a lot of the time to attract a guy. Do guys ever do the same? 

I think guys do the same thing in posting on social media to get attention. We want to post up like “we’re fine” – I think that’s definitely a unisex thing. When a break-up happens, you want to go on Instagram and post at the beach or post at the club to show everyone you’re fine and unaffected. Social media is our emotion mask – it’s just this fake front that we have but deep down we all know how the heart is feeling.

Ok so, a lot of the songs on the album are also really romanticm aside from talking about some of the experiences you’ve had. What would you say is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

I think just being someone’s friend is important. It’s so under-appreciated to just genuinely give someone your attention, intention, and your care. I think that’s the best thing you can do for someone.

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Ever wrote a song for a girl and played it for her? 

Yeah I have. Of course (laughs).

Lastly, if your album was the soundtrack for a movie, what would it be and why?

I would hope it’d be the soundtrack for “Interstellar,” because that’s my favorite movie ever. Hans Zimmer killed it, and I’d love to see my songs intertwined into that movie. That’s kind of a dream of mine.


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