Nova Miller’s debut EP is the perfect soundtrack for summer days with the top down

If you haven’t heard of Nova Miller yet, it won’t be long till you’re a fan. Her debut EP, “Yellow,” is officially out today and we have all the links to our favorite new album here! 

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iTunes: Nova Miller “Yellow”

Nova Miller is a teen, indie-pop singer/songwriter from Sweden who is ready to take on the world with her music. Disney actress, anti-bullying activist, singer, and proud vegan – this girl is the total package.

She has sold out shows all over Sweden and will soon be on her way to your hometown. Until then, her EP will most definitely be blaring out the windows of our cars all summer long. Do yourself a favor and check out “Yellow” and keep scrolling below to get to know one of pop music’s hottest new artists, Nova Miller.

Tell us about your debut EP album “Yellow” – what are the inspirations behind it?

This EP is super special to me because it’s the first body of work I’ve ever released. I’m so excited for people to hear some of the songs I’ve been working on over the last year. It’s called “Yellow,” because it’s my favorite color.

When you listen to the EP, a lot of the songs are uptempo and dance-y so it makes you feel kind of sunny and ‘yellow’.’ Every song represents a moment or season in my life so it’s really personal to me. Ah, I’m so excited to release it!

Is there any particular message you are trying to say with “Yellow?”

Yeah! I feel like a lot of people sing about and romanticize sex, drugs, alcohol, and feeling bad, and I didn’t want to do that. I want to uplift and inspire people and for them to feel the way I do when I hear “Yellow.”

I hope that people that don’t know how to put their feelings into words can listen to “Yellow,” and think, “That’s exactly how I feel.”

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You play the violin, piano, and guitar. Which is your favorite instrument to play?

Guitar is my main instrument for sure, so I play that all the time. But, I like them all in different ways! I feel like I can get a little more vibey when I write songs on the piano. The violin is always going be special for me but I don’t really practice it anymore. It would be so cool to play my own strings in a song one day though.

Who is your biggest inspiration in music right now?

At the moment, Bruno Mars, for sure. I’m obsessed with everything about him. My biggest inspirations of all time, though, will always be Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson!

Any specific feelings you are hoping to evoke in people when they listen to your new album?

Yeah, for sure! I have a song on the EP called “Plastic,” and another called “Patterns.” I think with these both songs have a similar theme of loving yourself before rushing into loving someone else. If you don’t, you usually end up hurting them and the people around you.

What has the reaction been like from your fans to the release of your new single “Turn Up The Fire?”

It’s been amazing! I’m so lucky. It’s the first song of mine to hit 2 million, so the response has been super positive from all over the world! People have even made covers and lyric videos which feels crazy!

I actually pinch myself. It has been incredible. I can’t believe I have a career that allows me to make people happy and do what I love. My fans are seriously the best!

What is your songwriting process like?

I start with a concept – something I am feeling or feel like I need to process. Then, I find some chords I like. When I feel a vibe, I start to write lyrics and melodies at the same time. I usually record on my voice memos and improvise then listen back and take what I like.

This is my favorite part of doing what I do because I can really tap into myself and get creative. I also co-write and collaborate often which is always a lot of fun and sometimes challenging. But, I am learning every day.

What can we expect from Nova Miller this year after your album is released?

I’m doing heaps of acting and planning on being in the US more and more. You’ll be seeing more live performances, more music, more everything!

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Your music video for “Turn Up The Fire” has been very successful gathering 2 million views. Congrats! What are your hopes for the rest of the EP and your music career in general?

Thank you! With the EP, I don’t want to put too much pressure on it. I’m really enjoying the journey and discovering myself and growing up with my fans along the way. My plan is to make sure I can do music my entire life.

It makes me the happiest person and it is so important to me. I literally don’t function without it! It’s really important for me also to be able to make an impact and give back in some way. I think music is a gift.

You are going to be performing at the Princess of Sweden’s birthday celebration soon – how are you feeling? Nervous? Excited? What do you have planned for this show?

Nervous! Honored! Excited! We’re in the process of going through the details soon, but honestly, I’m just looking forward to getting to play for Victoria and to have the opportunity to play to like 10 different countries. It’s crazy!

You participated in the #NeverAgain: A Live Concert Event. Tell us what it was about and how did it go?

The whole event was about coming together as a generation and making a difference, since at this point, it’s a matter of life or death. This is something really important to me and it was such a honor to be a part of and to get to use my platform to speak out for those who can’t.

You are very passionate about being an activist for anti-bullying. How do you plan to use your voice and music to advocate for this cause?

It is still very hard for me to talk about as I still haven’t really processed my own experience with bullying. I think a lot of people, myself included, don’t realize that they’re being treated poorly and that they’re actually being bullied.

It’s not always physical – it’s mental and it’s easy to deny, especially if it’s coming from someone you trust. I just hope by talking about it I can help other people realize what’s going on and that it’s okay to not always feel okay. It’s so important to ask for help and understand that you’re not alone.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is like an extension of my personality. It’s colorful and different each day depending on my mood. I can go from muppet to Cher’s Swedish twin in like 10 seconds, it’s awesome. I also really like the fashion from the 70’s, and matching colors, especially yellow, of course. Did I mention my EP “Yellow,” is out June 1st?

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What is your favorite piece in your closet?

I have this huge fluffy faux fur yellow jacket from that I wear all the time. I wore it in the “Turn Up The Fire,” video and you can see it all over my Instagram. It’ll be like 80 degrees but you know I’m still trying to wear the hell out of it.

Favorite designer?

To be honest, I’m not making Gucci money at the moment, but if I was, I would be head to toe in their clothes – I’m obsessed. But I have had the opportunity to work with big brands such as Marc Jacobs and even ASOS, so I’m so grateful that they’ve been able to hook me up when I need to look cute for whatever reason. But, I’m happy shopping in thrift stores!

What is your must-have beauty product at the moment?

Always coconut oil! I am a vegan with bleached hair and dry skin so there is no end to what I use coconut oil for. I love me some Kevin Murphy hair care, also.

Favorite song of all time?

Easily “Ain’t No Other Man,” by Christina Aguilera and Cher’s rendition of “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” I can’t pick one!

Favorite vegan snack?



Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

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