This girl wrote a book for young women struggling with borderline personality disorder

Violet Paley is a young writer based in Los Angeles, who has recently written a book called “Frozen Oranges.” 

The book is an inside view of Violet’s life as a young woman struggling with borderline personality disorder. Violet discusses everything from sexual encounters, depression, and more, mixed with her own bit of humor.

“Frozen Oranges” includes illustrations by Adrienne Sacks, poetry, and more, and it’s extremely comforting to any young woman who is going through the same thing.

We interviewed the author, Violet, and talked to her about the inspiration behind her book.

You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE, and you can check out the interview and exclusive photo pages below!

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What inspired you to write your book?

I was very inspired by the writing style of Maggie Nelson. She’s honest and her stream of consciousness is super relatable.

Who, if anyone, helped you write your book to what it has become?

My friend, Jacq the Stripper, combined humor with sluthood in her own book. She did that in life as well, and I’ve admired it since I was just a 20-year-old, barely functional, alcoholic in New York.

I went to her apartment before we had a stand up show and was just enthralled that she could be so unapologetically herself. She definitely influenced the way I looked at myself – thus, the way I wrote about myself.

My friend and hero, Rose McGowan, spilled her guts in her memoir, too. The way she went about sharing her truth and being brave when everything, and everyone, else was trying to keep her down.

What is your favorite thing about your book?

My favorite thing about the book is that since it’s come out, young women have reached out to me – many of whom have borderline personality disorder. They all told me that the book gave them a voice or that they related to the material.

Things like that make me want to tear up. If it makes anyone feel less alone, then I think I’ve contributed something good.

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Photos via “Frozen Oranges” and Violet Paley

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