This video is a love letter addressed to the incredible city of Los Angeles

London-based photographer, videographer, and director, Haris Nukem, loves visiting Los Angeles. 

In fact, he basically wrote a love letter to the city, via video. Check out his words and video below, and fall in love with the city for yourself (and maybe, all over again).

“Every time I visit Los Angeles, I’m humbled to meet so many wonderful people.

Shooting in the city fills me with a type of inspiration I just don’t get anywhere else. It’s in the DNA. I wanted not only to take pictures on my last trip to LA, but to make a visual tribute to this place and these people that inspire me so uniquely.

This piece is basically a love letter that starts about writing home, to where our protagonist, played by Vendelai, moved from. But, she then gets distracted into being directed at Los Angeles.

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With her overlooking her balcony, I really wanted to highlight that there’s this idea of a troubled, inherently evil LA. To show that the city is in a permanent conflict with this creative, beautiful, inherently good LA.

We see Vendelai as herself, but then also her obsessions forming as she’s coated in $100s. We see all of the wonderful people and scenes that have influenced her, some kind of trippy or aggressive some kind of nurturing or somber, all before we snap back into reality again, where the balance is restored.

It’s like the thrill of trying to balance the influence keeps her in love.”

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Words and video by Haris Nukem

Voice by Cherry



Sara Doku

Chloe Holmes

Kimberly Mitcham


Jessica Wilde

Angela Mazzanti

Elissa Alexis

Carli Glubok

Nikki Knightly

Rischae Tolentino

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