These brush-free makeup looks can be applied with just your fingers

In light of the new year, we teamed up with makeup artist Whitney Matija to put together some make up tips for those of us who couldn’t care LESS about a lip kit or contouring.

Each of these looks can be played up or down, is super low maintenance, doesn’t need a bunch of prep, priming, or setting, and can literally all be applied with your fingers. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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1. Flushed Out Cheeks

Hydrated is always the best look when combating the dry winter weather, and an emollient facial oil is key to prime skin and transition your matte foundation. Accentuate naturally flushed cheeks (or faux it) with a creme blush. Bold tints with blue undertones look the most organic.

Use products like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry, Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff or Haze, Milk Makeup Lip/Cheek in Berry.

2. Bold Lips

Get creative with a traditional red lip. High gloss and high shine on a bold lip paired with a neutral eye is classic yet contemporary.

Lipliner: NARS Precision Lip in Mariachi, Gloss: MAC PRO Gloss Creme Brilliance

3. Appliques

Appliques are a delicate and fun way of elevating your holiday style. Embellish the corners of the eyes with a couple Swarovski crystals for a timeless throwback, or pop on some pearls for a classy soiree. Physically and emotionally sparkle when you enter the room.

Be aware as to not culturally appropriate!

(Pro tip — pop on a spec of Duo Lash Glue under each gem for party insurance)

4. High shine smokey eye

Deep and muddy gem tones make for an edgy going out look. Using different tones of the same color creates depth and intensity. To finish place a highlight on the ball of the lid to catch the light every time you wink.

Shadow: MILK Makeup Eye Pigment in Charcoal, Glitter: Makeup Forever in N6 Green


Make up and tips by MUA Whitney Matija assisted by Josephine Pearl Lee

Model is Valentina

Art direction by Lisa Yoo and Jacqueline Kulla

Shot by Jacqueline Kulla


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