Nick Jonas and John Varvatos’ brand new cologne launch party was a dream

There’s pretty much nothing Nick Jonas can’t do, is there? 

Musician, actor, model, and now cologne connoisseur! Last week, the heartthrob himself launched a brand new collaboration with designer John Varvatos in the heart of NYC and Galore had a front row seat.

The cologne, by the name of JVxNJ, is meant to embody the energy of the city and everything the nightlife has to offer. If only we could be that deep! Irregardless, the free bottle we got in the goody-bag is def something we want all of the men in our lives to drown themselves in (please).

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Peep pics from the event below, which included Nick’s fav tequila drinks served all night long, a birthday cake for John, andddd, of course, his forever faithful brother Joe and a number of other super cool famous friends like Lily Chee, Jordun Love, and Holly Croft.


Photos by Keri Dolan 

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