CAMUS Cognac Celebrated National Cognac Day with the New Dinner Series, ‘Art of Balance.’

Drink in style this summer with CAMUS Cognac.

Camus Cognac hosted an exclusive gathering of connoisseurs and enthusiasts who experienced an unforgettable journey through the art of Cognac at the inaugural Art of Balance dinner series, hosted by partners Cyril and Alexa Camus, CEO and Vice President, respectively. 

The intimate evening was hosted in a private room at Michelin-star restaurant L’Abeille in New York City and attended by womenswear designer Fe Noel, Starz Power actor Lovell Adams-Gray and wife and actress Kiana Adams-Gray, Bravo TV personality Nick Arrington, and others. Guests enjoyed specialty Camus cocktails – The Herbs Inn and French Manhattan – before moving into a meticulously curated four-course meal, each with a unique tasting experience showcasing the world’s most aromatic Cognac. 

The entire evening flawlessly showcased the intricate artistry and timeless elegance of Camus, the largest independent family-owned Cognac house. The highlight was the Art of Balance tasting experience, where guests were invited to explore the rich sensory tapestry of Camus XO cognac through the elements of water, fire, wood, and earth (additional details below).

Guided by Cyril and Alexa Camus’s visionary leadership, the evening was not just a dinner but a celebration of heritage, innovation, and the meticulous craftsmanship that defines Camus Cognac. The power couple’s presence and insights added depth to the experience as they shared their passion and vision for the future of the esteemed cognac house.


(right) Cyril Camus with guests.
(right) Alexa Camus and guests enjoying the evening.
Camus Cognac CEO, Cyril Camus.

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