We fulfilled our 8th grade dreams and played two truths and a lie with Nat from 3OH!3

When I was in 8th grade, nothing made me feel more badass then jamming out to “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3 on my iPod touch in the back of my parents’ car. 

I remember discovering the mega-hit song on Tumblr when a bunch of rando accounts would quote the MP3 track with some overly enthusiastic comment about how “scandalous” the song was. So naturally, my uber rebellious 14-year-old self had to give it a listen and again, naturally, I fell in love with the electro-pop duo – as did the rest of the tweenage generation.

But for Nat and Sean, their legacy has gone far beyond a bunch of middle and high school kids chugging sprites and jamming out to their music at school dances. Since the release of the iconic track warning us to be weary of “hoes,” (def still going to give this one a little eye roll) the two-some have put out a number of hit songs over the last decade.

3OH!3 is one of the first groups to introduce synthesized beats into pop music before EDM was ever even considered cool. Not to mention their mega-hit collabs like “Starstrukk” with Katy Perry (loveeee) and “My First Kiss” with Ke$ha – which even kids of the new generation (including my 15-year-old sister) still jam out to.

As 3OH!3 finished out the last Warped Tour, we caught up with them to discuss their legacy, their craziest memories from Warped Tours over the years, and if they’ve managed to learn to “trust hoes” (again, eye roll).

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How many Warped Tours have you done?

We’ve done it on and off. Once in 2007, and all of 2008 (I think there was a half one in there). And then we’re on the whole tour this year – we’ve done a lot.

How do you feel you’re presence at Warped Tour changes the vibe?

Warped Tour’s actually always been pretty diverse. It’s known for a lot of punk-rock acts, but you know Eminem did Warped, and Black Eyed Peas did Warped. So Kevin (Kevin Lyman, founder of Warped Tour) has always done a good job of making it diverse.

I think it helps us because it helps us stand out. When we first started doing it in 2008, people were like “What’s this fucking weird electronic boy band that’s just jumping around and sweating?”

What was the craziest experience you guys have had with a fan?

We we’re just talking about this! In 2008, we shared the stage with Katy Perry, and so all of her musicians would come and play with us. We were playing in Portland, and she was on stage partying or whatever, she had a drink, and all the the sudden  she made a b-line for the crowd and dove into it.

At the time she had the number one song in the country, and seeing like a bunch of horny teenagers grabbing onto her was crazy. So, I don’t know if she’s ever crowd surfed after that!

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What’s your favorite song to perform? What song to people usually go off the hardest to? Does that answer surprise you?

It depends. I mean, our song “Don’t Trust Me,” which is probably our most successful, everyone knows the words and we usually end our set with it. On this tour, we have a lot of collaborators come and play with us so it puts a new twist on an old song.

But, we’re also playing a lot of stuff off our first record, “WANT!,” because it’s the 10 year anniversary, and those songs are always a lot of fun.

OK, we’re going to mix it up now. What are two truths and one lie?

Sean is an Under 19 World Champion Ultimate Frisbee player, I was accepted to medical school, and I am 6’6.

And the lie is…

I’m actually 6’8, not 6’6!

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What’s next for you guys after the tour end?

It’s the 10 year anniversary of “WANT!,” so we’re going to plan a tour around that and we’re just about to announce it in a few days. Maybe new music in the spring but we haven’t toured in a while, so it’ll feel good to get back out there.

So, do you “trust hoes” now?


Are you still a vegetarian?

No, but Sean was when he wrote that particular lyric.

Catch 3OH!3 on tour this Fall

Photos by Keri Dolan

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