The Most Insane Videos of the Fyre Festival Chaos

By now you’ve probably heard all about the raging garbage fire that the supermodel and Ja Rule-endorsed Fyre Festival turned out to be.

While it was marketed as a luxurious experience on a private island in the Bahamas, when guests showed up the general consensus was it looked like a refugee camp.

Earlier today the festival was officially canceled but so far the evacuation process has been just as much of a shit storm as everything else.

Here’s a few videos to make you feel like you were there without having to descend into an actual circle of hell.

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From the start, the Fyre Fest was a disorganized clusterfuck.

And the fun didn’t stop once people started getting evacuated from the island.

Complimentary services included literally getting locked inside the airport while waiting to board the plane back home:

Having to de-board the plane because they’d been sitting on the runway too long.

Having to once again go back to sitting inside a locked airport, only now everybody around you is fainting and freaking the fuck out because this nightmare has no end in sight.

Silver lining: at least this guy’s having fun.


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It may be easy to talk shit on Coachella, but at least they have their shit together.

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