More Than Pop, More Than Alternative: Late Again Defines Its Own Lane With “Migraine Fever Dream”

Multimedia artist Rafael has launched his solo music project called Late Again. Blending the indie, electronic, and dream pop rhythms of the city with influences from his native Brazil, Rafael has crafted a unique sound framework. His lyrics explore the experiences of a generation grappling with a search for a sense of belonging, a reflection of his own journey after leaving his home country and living in multiple cities.

Seeking deeper artistic fulfillment, Rafael collaborated with a diverse range of talented individuals, from Grammy winners to unconventional friends. Late Again’s music draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists, spanning indie, electronic, and world music influences. Through this eclectic blend, Rafael aims to create an indie pop universe that can be seamlessly merged with multiple genres, celebrating the project’s distinct identity.

The music of Late Again exists in a liminal space, too pop to be considered strictly alternative, yet too alternative to be considered purely pop. Similarly, the lyrics balance a blend of irony and sincerity, reflecting Rafael’s own cultural identity, which is a unique amalgamation of influences. Perceived as “too white to be fully Latino, yet too Latino to be solely white,” Rafael’s artistic expression adds a layer of complexity, as he navigates the nuances of his multifaceted heritage and the rather unique perceptions that such tension brings.

For his newest offering, Late Again brings us a pretty jaw-dropping three-song EP titled “Migraine Fever Dream” which, as you’d imagine, packs a heavy punch in an incredibly short running time.

“Flood” acted as Late Again’s debut single, and it’s easy to tell why. Musically, the track combines many elements in order to produce a unique soundscape entrenched in sensuous smoothness and introspective etherealness, and it acts as a perfect encapsulation of what “Late Again” as a project seeks to inspire the listener.

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Leaning on etherealness as an integral part of his sound palette, Late Again brings us “Everything, Nothing,” a song that delves into the topic of unfulfilled ambitions – the dreams and aspirations that one never actively chose to pursue, yet linger and carry the potential to overwhelm you.
Lastly, “People Pleasers” was written in collaboration with 70s Brazilian composer and arranger Arthur Verocai (BADBADNOTGOOD, Hiatus Kaiyote, Gal Costa), who gave the song not only some of its nostalgic qualities but also a somewhat psychedelic slant that works wonderfully in tandem with the other two in a way that just makes sense and completes the tapestry of sounds of the EP overall.

This compelling three-track EP from Late Again serves as a potent introduction to the band’s captivating sonic palette. Throughout the release, we’re easily immersed in a blissful, downtempo soundscape that incorporates elements of chill, soulful introspection, and subtle, yet driving energy.

The atmospheric production and emotive vocals evoke an intimate, almost meditative quality, reminiscent of the work of genre-defying artists like Sade, Enigma, Devendra Banhart, and Vashti Bunyan. This intoxicating fusion of styles ensures that “Migraine Fever Dream” will deeply resonate with fans of contemplative, boundary-pushing music.

Featuring contributions from Arthur Verocai and co-production by Mura, “Migraine Fever Dream” consolidates two years of work that established the multimedia foundations of the Late Again project, which evolved from an intended lo-fi endeavor into a multifaceted blend of indie, dream pop, and neo-psyche music. Written before Rafael relocated to New York, the EP allowed him to experiment and pave the way for his upcoming second release, “Absolutely Almost Sure,” which will maintain the core elements with a more energetic and polished production approach.

“Migraine Fever Dream” is undoubtedly a concise pilot introduction to Late Again’s sound, one that is so sweet and condensed that it allows you to fully appreciate the layered complexity of the music. This EP is more than enough to compel one to stay tuned and eagerly anticipate the insanely good project that is to come.


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