How Moises Arias Gets Intimate Pics Of Celebs Like Kendall and Kylie

Apart from his mysterious, mostly black and white IG “490tx“, you’d probably recognize Moises Arias, the 22 year old actor and photographer, as the infamous Rico Suarez from “Hannah Montana.”

His photographs include the faces of Sofia Richie, Jaden Smith, and the Jenner sisters. We interviewed Moises to figure out how he’s able to get up close and personal with our favorite celebs. Read on and peep his exclusive selfies for Galore.

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When did you get into photography?

I remember one time I was working on a film when I was about thirteen. I became friends with the still photographer, who inspired me to get my first digital camera, an SLR. [My brother] Mateo and I had been making videos using the Macbook cameras, but at thirteen, a real camera…It changed the game.

Who has been your favorite person to shoot thus far and why?

Mateo. Although I don’t release too much Téo, his evolution has been documented and also, he is so beautiful. Both physically and creatively.

Is it easier to shoot friends or strangers, and why?

Both are difficult, because the idea with a prime lens [a lens that doesn’t zoom] is to get close to the act. To capture unconscious moments is the goal.

What do you do when you want to take a picture of someone you don’t know?

It depends on everything. If comical and wide, or up-close and emotional, satirical or documentary. I think communication is key. Maybe a “hello,” “what’s good,” a hand gesture?

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What are you currently working on? Any cool projects coming up in the future?

I got back from Colombia in October where I was shooting a terrifying film titled “Monos.” It involves young kids in illegal armed forces and was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thanks to that project I also captured some incredible images, some which I’ve shown, most which I’ve kept to myself. I’m also hyped that Jean-Claude Van Johnson is about to start shooting (both film and bullets) and cannot wait to know more about the series.

What kind of people inspire you?

Natural people.

Why black and white photography?

I’ve noticed that color distracts my eye. It’s also a lot of work, to freestyle color images the way I do. Black and white is doomed to be less impactful, iconic. Instead of taking on colors and tones I have seemed to focus on seeing lights and darks, and the feeling that an image can give you. Plus life is in color, getting film back from a completely different way of looking at life– it’s kind of mysterious.

What are some songs on your playlist right now?

There’s so much music, I was just discussing with friends how we are listening to more music than ever in human history, and I believe it. I have listened to my favorite artists too much: Thug, Roy Woods, Drizzy, Rocky, Biggie, Bobby, Fabrizio de André, Ozuna. Recently I started listening to Apple’s radio playlists. I like what OTHERtone plays and its guests. The shows introduce me to original tunes. Plus, I only get to listen to Harry Hudson, JADEN, Téo, Tyler Cole, and Willow occasionally, I think that’s a void that needs to be filled. And is about to be.

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Self portraits by Moises Arias

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