This British Reality Star Hired a Photog To Follow Her & Bae on Vacay

Five years ago, no boyfriend would ever dream of/have nightmares about being asked to take candid photos of his bae. Today, it’s practically a top ten boyfriend duty.

Unfortunately, most average bros suck at taking photos, and your cute poolside Piña Colada pic ends up looking like a scene from Jaws with your boo’s finger in the frame.

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But good news! If you’re rich enough, you can just hire a professional photog to follow you and your bae on vacation. That way, you can ensure you get high quality Instagram photos. Plus, bae can make some casual appearances in the pics. That is, if his six pack is up to par.

Louise Thompson, who stars on the British Reality show Made in Chelsea, did just that.

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Her latest vacay to the Maldives with her bae Ryan Libbey was basically one long photoshoot, and before you get all preachy about how people can’t “live in the moment” anymore, just remember that these people get paid to post photos.

I mean, honestly, don’t you wish you had someone to capture you and bae’s cutest moments? Or at least your amazing ass in your new wedgie bikini?

Her brother, Sam Thompson, outed her for bringing a professional photographer on the trip. But when you look that good, who gives a fuck?


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Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to pay our personal paparazzi. How much would that even cost? Also, not all of us have matching six packs with our boyfriend, sadly.

On the plus side, we also don’t have to worry about any photographer capturing our food baby after we leave the resort’s all-you-can-eat buffet. Small miracles, am I right?

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