Model Audrey Hilfiger Spends Her Free Time Designing Floral Arrangements For Oprah

It’s almost a creative-industry joke that everyone’s job title includes a “slash.” Model/actress, blogger/influencer, yoga instructor/content creator—but what about model/florist?

It’s not uncommon for models to have a side-hustle or passion project, but what Audrey Hilfiger spends her time on when she’s not strutting her stuff on the runway is a bit different than many of her peers.

Hilfiger (yes, niece to that Hilfiger, Tommy) has grown up surrounded by fashion, so it seems almost natural that she fell into the modeling industry at a young age. Her floral business, Penelope & Rose, which has had the pleasure of designing floral arrangements for Oprah—is a bit of a wild card.

We talked to Audrey Hilfiger about how she got into designing floral art, some words of wisdom from her uncle Tommy, and how she uses supplements, facials, and self-love to look and feel her best.

You wanted to be a marine biologist growing up, but now you’re a model and florist— how do your two careers complement each other?

I’m passionate about expressing myself through my work. Both jobs allow me to do that in very different ways. I love floral designing because I can really go crazy with it and do my thing. Modeling is always a collaborative creative effort. The two compliment each other a lot. 

How did you get into designing floral art? 

I’ve always loved flowers. Growing up I was always the girl who tried 100 things, but never found something I loved and was passionate about. When I discovered making arrangements and how naturally it came to me, I fell in love with it. There is also something a bit fascinating about the fact that they don’t last forever. 

When’s the best time to send someone flowers?

The best time to send someone flowers is all the time. Receiving unexpected flowers is the best.

So, fashion clearly runs in the family. Can you share with us a style tip that you learned from your uncle, Tommy?

Fashion runs in my family. My mom was one of the head designers at Tommy [Hilfiger] for many years and immersed in that world since I was a child. Now my mom partnered with soccer star Leo Messi to launch his own line. The number one tip she gave me was to invest in high quality statement pieces that you’ll have forever. 

Tommy’s advice has always been to be yourself. Tommy has always been a second father to me. I’ve watched him work tirelessly to become one of the biggest names in fashion by trusting himself, surrounding himself with smart people who believed in him, and creating something that was unapologetically him. I take that lesson with me in everything I do 

We loved your recent post on body positivity, can you tell us more about how you broke some of the unhealthy restrictive eating habits that many of us girls grow up with?

It wasn’t easy to break the habits I had, but it came to a point where I was tired of fighting my body and trying to be something I wasn’t. I started looking at food and myself in a different way. As women, our bodies do so much, I realized I was guilty of not appreciating myself and made a decision to love my body. 

What are some other ways you’ve been focusing on holistic health?

Supplements are a huge part of my health routine. I take vitamins and supplements everyday. I also try to eat as organically as possible. Although I’m only 21, I’ve dealt with a plethora of hip issues. After two surgeries, I’ve used cryotherapy for pain management. It actually really helps me.

Can you tell us some of your favorite supplements or products that make you feel and look your best?

I love taking a multivitamin everyday. I’ve been taking Perfectil to repair my nails for the past couple of months since they were severely damaged from constantly having to wear polish and gels. The fashion industry is brutal on your hair, skin, and nails. This is one of the few ways I’ve found to minimize the damage 

You spent your birthday makeup-free and in sweats all day — how else do you like to relax?

New York is so crazy and busy, it’s necessary to spend time alone to find my zen. When I really want to relax, I take some alone time to just be at home, I will read or cook. 

We all know that looking your best makeup-free has a lot to do with skincare, how do you keep your skin looking so flawless?

Getting facials every three or four weeks has really changed things for me. My skin is naturally oily and I’ve noticed [that facials] helped change the texture for good. 

Anything else you’re working on right now that our readers should look out for?

With my floral art company Penelope & Rose, I have done arrangements for clients like Oprah Winfrey Magazine and Cosmopolitan. I have some exciting floral art projects in the works that are launching soon. I can’t wait to share what I’ve been creating! Keep your eyes open on the streets of NYC for my creations. 

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