Ming Lee Simmons is here to tell you what she’s wearing, listening to, and studying this Fall

When Ming Lee Simmons isn’t studying, she’s attending New York Fashion Week, hanging with her best friend slash sister, being the newest Galore cover girl, and rocking her favorite pair of Crocs (just kidding about that last part, see more below). 

You likely know her name, follow her on Instagram and want to know more about her. Well, there’s a lot to know – Ming Lee Simmons is a Jane-of-all-trades and modern day badass, to put it simply.

On the eve of New York Fashion Week, we spoke with cover girl Ming Lee Simmons about all things Fall fashion, fab trends and footwear fails.

Check the interview and exclusive photos below!

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Hi Ming, glad we could connect! You’ve been busy lately. Recently you shot the Galore September cover.

Ming Lee Simmons: Same here. Our shoot was next level, right? The photos came out great, I think.

Definitely. And since then, you’ve been on the move. You’re enrolled at NYU and starting your freshman year, so tell us – NYC to LA?

MLS: That’s not a fair question at all (laughs)! I was raised bi-coastal, so there never really was an “or.” They’re both great places with different vibes. I feel lucky to be going to school in NYC since it’s a hub for fashion and beauty.

Dress: Kimora Lee Simmons, Coat & shoes: Jennifer Le, Rings: Lilou, Earrings: Vtse, Bracelet: Izabela Felinski

Speaking of which, what are some of your favorite upcoming trends for Fall?

MLS: I know I’m planning to delve deep into OTKs…over the knee boots are where it’s at for me. There’s such a power there. I’m also going to fully embrace plaid. Forest green is going to be big this season, too, which is great because it’s such a rich tone.

Ok now which trends do you low key want to see die off this season?

MLS: Crocs! I’m not a crocs girl at all.

Dress: Molly Goddard, Shoes: Chiara Ferragni, Bracelet: Daniel Espinosa, Ring: Daniel Espinosa

No? They’re definitely trending in certain fashion circles.

MLS: Can rubber shoes be shoes, though? They’re just visual pollution to me.

Are you hype for for NYFW? What are some of your plans?

MLS: I’ve gotten some invites to a few great shows, so I’m excited about that. My mom is speaking at the United Nations Women’s conference at the top of Fashion Week.

She’ll be addressing key global women’s initiatives so I’ll be proud to join her for that. She’ll also ring the bell at the NASDAQ, which is such an honor. I’m also proud to help launch the Galore September issue.

Right back at you! Okay so tell us about your public finsta, @mingleesimmons2.

MLS: My main account – @mingleesimmons – is more of a portfolio of images I’ve created sometimes in partnerships with lifestyle brands I work with. Hair, nails, fashion, and cosmetics. I look at them more as collaborations than endorsements. I like crafting images.

@mingleesimmons2 started as a separate account to post silly things but now it’s almost 100% HUJI-based. The posts are random things that I do as seen through the eyes of this HUJI App, which I love. It makes everything look so different. I should be their spokesperson, really. Everyone should have it.

Dress: Death My Dolls, Shoes: Milin, Necklaces: Missoma, Earrings: Daniel Espinosa, Rings: Daniel Espinosa

Aside from fashion week, what are some other things you’re excited about for this Fall?

MLS: My focus has been on enrolling and registering for classes for my freshman year. I’m also currently moving into my first ever apartment. I’m unpacking as we speak. I’m excited about exploring the city on my own terms and at my own pace. Can you hold on? My mom is calling.

Sure thing!

MLS: I’m back, sorry. She was reminding me that she left some supplies in the back of my

Wow, she’s attentive.

MLS: You have no idea.

Your skin has been looking perfect as of late. Are there any beauty products or trends that you’ve been into these days?

MLS: Thanks but I have the same skin concerns as 90% of all girls my age. Whatever problem or issue you have, you’re not alone, for sure. I love Codage’s Serum No 1; it’s a mainstay. A burst of pure hydration. Frankie Paige has a great spot treatment called BFF. Everyone should use both.

What about beauty trends – any Fall faves?

MLS: Lash extensions have changed my whole approach to beauty. It’s saved me time and I
almost feel like I don’t have to do makeup. I acknowledge that there’s a cost element at play, but if you’re someone who uses strip lashes often, it’s almost a dollar neutral solution.

What are some of your favorite bops right now? We need songs to add to our end-of-summer playlist.

MLS: My pre-Fall playlist is heavy on mellow songs. I love “Touchscreen Navigation” and “Offshore,” both by Rae Sremmurd. Also “Wasted” by Juice Wrld. And of course, “LLC,” by Nicki Minaj. I’m into mellow music and most of the songs I like currently have an AMSR quality to them; they’re soothing and I can listen to them on repeat.

And I do.

Any favorite books at the moment? What are you reading?

MLS: Most of my reading has been in the form of course catalogs and class curricula and required summer reading but I’m going to start posting book recommendations on my Instagram account because I think people should share things they love.

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Your insta bio says, “Insert whatever inspirational quote my sister has in her bio.” Is Aoki the queen of inspirational quotes? If so, what are some of your favorite quotes to live by?

MLS: (Laughs) Oh wow, should we just call her and ask her?

Top: Kslam, Skirt: OTT, Blazer: OTT, Shoes: Loriblu

Can we?

MLS: Yeah, let’s hit her up, hold on. [Places call on hold to dial Aoki Lee Simmons]. Aoki, are you there?

Aoki Lee Simmons: Oh I ‘m here. What’s going on? Why was I drafted into YOUR interview.

MLS: It’s OUR interview now, love.

Can I ask what some of the main differences are between the two of you? A few months ago, Aoki, you posted to your Instagram page – @aokileesimmons – about pressures that a lot of young women face on social media – the pressure to be perfect, look perfect. You said it was actually holding you back from sharing your life.

ALS: Yes, and since then I’ve heard from thousands of girls saying they feel the same way. At certain points, we’re made to feel like we’re “not enough.” My point was that I’m proud to have come out the other end and let go of preconceptions tied to appearance. And to just enjoy life and share what I feel comfortable posting. For me, my Instagram page is a way to connect, not project.

MLS: I was so proud of you.

ALS: Thanks, I’m proud of you, too, miss cover girl!

Do you both have similar goals and ambitions?

MLS: I think that ultimately we do. We want to be a force for good in the world. We want to be strong, confident and pursue our abilities.

ALS: And carry on our family’s legacy of charitable giving. There are obvious differences between us. I love reading the classics. I’m fascinated by the Greeks and Romans and their contributions to society. I read a lot. I love volleyball and track and hiking.

MLS: I’m into creating strong visuals and storytelling via brands and lifestyle imagery.

How do each of you view the fashion landscape and the industry as it stands right now?

MLS: It’s a constant hunt for authenticity from my perspective. I can see that on Instagram a lot, who has a singular point of view versus who’s just following along.

ALS: I’m encouraged by the increase in representation across the spectrum. I’d still rather go bouldering than wear heels, though.

Dress: Molly Goddard, Shoes: Chiara Ferragni, Bracelet: Daniel Espinosa, Ring: Daniel Espinosa

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What are some of your favorite/funniest memories growing up together, fashion-related or otherwise.

ALS: People constantly tell us they remember us walking down the Baby Phat runway with our mom when we were kids. I wonder if they realize that we remember it, too. I do. Vividly. Twice a year, every year, for multiple years (laughs).

MLS: Remember when mom and I stopped and you kept walking down to the end of the runway (laughs)?

ALS: (laughing) Yes, I wanted to keep walking until I reached the exit. Because I wanted to be home. Reading. Just kidding, I loved being with you and Mom. Looking back at each photo, I can remember the excitement. It makes me proud.

Ok last question: which one of you is more like your mom and why?

MLS: Hmm well we’re both pretty similar…

ALS: …because we both like to have the..

MLS and ALS together: …LAST WORD!!! (laughing)

Fair enough. Thanks girls, good luck!

MLS: Thank you!

ALS: Yes, thanks!

Photos: Prince and Jacob

Styling: Manny Jay

Hair: Hachoo

Make up: Alexx Mayo

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