How to dress like a girlboss in the office this season

You got a degree, an education, and a laundry list of internships, but you have yet to start your real job and/or be fully settled in at your new office environment. 

After four years of schlepping around campus in your beloved leggings, sweatshirts, and worn-in white Chucks, it’s time to put them away. It’s def a bummer setting aside your staples, and dressing up like a (real) adult at your new job can be scary.

Tell me, who wants to be caught walking around in a super tight pencil skirt, boring black blazer, kitten heels, and white button down blouse?

Whether it’s a fashion magazine, a tech start up, or a bank, you can always doll up without having to sacrifice your personality and style. No matter what position you start at, finding the right things to wear to work shouldn’t be that difficult.

As you transition from campus life to real life, we’ll show you the easy way to get your sartorial glow up.

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1. Dressier sneakers

You’ve been relying on your trusty canvas Chucks to match with almost every outfit and setting. Since office environments tend to be more dressier, that doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your sneakers. Instead, you can go for a shoe with a sleeker silhouette.

Rocket Dog x Chloe Bartoli Raver Cali Girl Platform Sneaker – $75 

2.  Clean tee with a flattering cut

If you work in a creative environment, one of the greatest blessings is being able to walk into the office with a t-shirt. More form-fitting than a gigantic college sweatshirt or your boyfriend’s baggy tee, you can style a more chic tee in so many ways. While you have the option to go for a plain cotton tee, you can play around with many different textures, silhouettes or graphics.

My recommendation is to pair it with a pencil skirt or wide leg high-waisted pants.

Amelie Pichard T-Shirt – €40

Cotton Citizen Venice Tee – $90 

3. Sharpen up with a structured jacket

Ugh, the aircon! More annoying than your least favorite coworker, the stale cold air that occupies the entire space makes you feel sick.

As much as we appreciate it for keeping us cool in the middle of summer, the absurdly cold temps keeps us from being able to complete our deadlines on time. Look hot, but stay cool – whether you’re dressed up in a blazer or denim jacket.

Everlane The Denim Jacket – $88

Galore x NA-KD Shiny Shoulder Padded Blazer – $59.95

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4. When in doubt, wear a dress

Versatile, easy to style, and ridiculously lightweight, a dress can make or break an outfit.

Especially, when you’re at work.

You can layer it on top of pants like it’s Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005 or show some skin (i.e. arms, a little bit of your neck and cleavage and legs). Ideally, your dream dress should feel slightly loose, yet fitted.

As much as we want to rock our going out dresses, you can go for a transitional style, which consists of a dressier fabric and finish. If you insist on a body con silhouette, you can make it watercooler-friendly with a blazer and loafers.

Réalisation Par The Jeet – $210 

Prette Stella Dress – $32 

5. Upgrade your bag

Backpacks are cute, but it’s time to put them away unless you’re going over to your friend’s house for a sleepover or camping. Ditto about your sorority-themed tote bag, too. Go for a structured and durable leather bag (If you’re vegan, you can also go for non-leather options, too).

Pop & Suki Caryall – $237 

6. Throw on some non-flashy bling

No boardroom will shine without jewelry. If you are just starting out, skimp on the big bling as it’s best for nightclubs. There is a risk of looking basic when you lose the bling, but you can still be funky fresh when you wear pearls or a pair of hoop earrings. Must you ball out on the bold jewelry, go for a chunky choker.

Choked By A Thread Trimond Earrings – $72

Seville Michelle Maritime Choker – $125

Catbird Baby Pearl Hoop – $80

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7. If you can’t find a top or dress to wear, try a blazer

Just sneak in a bra underneath.

Danielle Guizio Black Blazer Top – $225

by the way Madeline Blazer Dress – $72

8. Amp up your makeup routine

We mean business when you have the perfect face. As the ultimate accessory, you can easily fake flawless skin in so many ways without FaceTuning your zits or dark circles.

I hate to break the news, but going to the office means that you need to chill the eff out on the Kardashian kontour, Instagram brow, and blinding highlighter. Not only does it look distracting, it also looks extremely harsh underneath the flourescent lighting. Not to mention, your skin will get oily as the aircon dries your skin, thus, it causes acne and dryness.

Rather than ditching your makeup, you can go for travel-friendly products that are easy to use during your morning commute and coffee/bathroom break.

Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray – $12


Milk Makeup Lip Vinyl in Flossy – $24

Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Dew – $28

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