Maison Lesnob is the French brand that’s inspired by memes and logomania

High fashion and the Internet are two completely different universes that aren’t mutually exclusive. Rather than keeping them completely separate, Robert Lussier of Maison Lesnob is bringing the best of both worlds together.

Packed with brazenly bold witty tees, playful logo prints, and mind-blowing unconventional designs, Lussier is ready to make fashion great again. Despite its small following on Instagram, the brand’s got celebrity fans from Bella Hadid to manicurist Mei of @nailsbymei.

Lussier and I chat about the origins of making Maison Lesnob, how to be a snob (in a good way!) and why meme-inspired fashion is here to stay.

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Robert, you were inspired to create Maison Lesnob after going to a garage sale in San Francisco. Why were you inspired by that particular moment to create it? 

When I was at the garage sale in San Francisco, I discovered an amazing vintage, canvas tote. That moment the idea of creating Maison Lesnob clicked inside my mind – the over-the-top attitude and snobbiness of that canvas tote was the beginning of everything. Sometimes, things seem so simple is the beginning of an impeccably big idea.

You have a cute, tongue-in-cheek brand name and I love how you’re so witty. How did the concept of Maison Lesnob happen?

The concept of Maison Lesnob is to create a fantasy world, the illusion of the glorious fashion history; the attitude is everything I want to put in the name. At the same time I want to have fun with fashion – fashion is supposed to be fun, to be chaotic, and no taboos.  

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These days, it seems like there are so many brands inspired by memes and parodies of high fashion. But, we don’t see much humor in the luxury market. Do you think that the trend for humor-inspired fashion can go beyond social media?

Absolutely. Yes, there is no doubt for me that the trend for humor-inspired fashion comes from memes or parodies. Instagram will go further in the future, which I believe will reach out of social media in terms of marketing and communication – how brands are interacting with the consumers.

We have to notice that we are now living within the millennial generation – they have different mindsets and assets to give to the world. Everything changes quickly. Consumers are looking for new, unique, profound ideals. Whether it’s new brands or high fashion brands, it’s all a part of the business’ game today.

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On your Instagram, you feature iconic women who are unapologetically snobby from Veronica Lodge to Joan Collins in “Dynasty.” However, being a snob is seen as a bad trait. What’s your definition of a snob? How can we be a snob in a positive way?

It’s all about ATTITUDE. The story that the brand Maison Lesnob created. To me, in fashion there is no right or wrong. It’s about how you feel, it’s an ATTITUDE. To feel comfortable in your own skin and your own choice, that is the way we are all can be a snob. LESNOB.

Compared to most brands, you create convertible handbags and clothes. Where did you find the idea of making multi-functional apparel?  

The convertible idea was inspired by my sister. She lost her luggage in Athens on a trip. She had nothing to wear to dinner. So, I designed the carry-on bag-dress. I want to create a closet for a woman that’s everything she needs. It’s about the lifestyle that I want to put in the concept for Maison Lesnob. 

If you have to pick one item from your convertible collection you can wear again and again, what will it be?

I will choose the Le Chaine Bag in LOGOMANIA. A Blue jean white T-shirt and Le chain bag in LOGOMANIA and voila! We call that a French-touch. From daytime, to dinner, to dusk. The gold chain transforms into many options, as well.

Now that you’ve expanded into perfume, there’s some unusual scents like rubber and beetroot, which are scents we don’t see often. What made you attracted to these scents? Was it something you wanted to add in at the beginning of creating a scent? 

Maison Lesnob is obsessed with Roses. French Roses by Les Parfums des Rosine – who we did a trio collaboration with in Paris. In September 2018, we will celebrate our fragrance Film “Pure Avante-Garder,” directed by Masha Vasyukova.

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Since logos are your signature print, what are some ways we can wear more than one print statement print/graphic without looking too basic?

Lesnob Spring 2019 Collection is all about crazy color, and logomania. Wear them with Lemon Yellow, Lipstick Pink, Obnoxious Orange – c’est chic, no?

Lastly, if you are to shoot an #ootd picture (wearing Le Snob from head to toe), what is the best kept secret location in Paris that you swear by? 

In front of the Lesnob Boutique – 4 Rue Des Saussaies 75008 Paris. The snobbiest. The location os across from Palais de l’Élysée!

Photo: Jennifer Livingston

Models: Linda Vulkaans and Guinevere van Seenus

Makeup: Phoebe Taylor

Hair: Andre Cueto Saavedra

Casting director: Ricky Michiels

Stylist: Robert Lussier

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