How Miley Cyrus Used Style to Bury the Ghost of Hannah Montana

Once upon a time, er, 10 years ago, in a magical land called Hollywood, a twelve-year-old girl named Destiny Hope Cyrus was about to become a star — a Disney star.

She was very cute and wore normal twelve-year-old things like oversized blazers, capris, and shirts that looked like they could have been from the Limited Too or Delia’s.

But mostly the world just saw her as her alter ego, Hannah Montana — a pop star whose middle name might as well have been “tacky glitter princess.”

Looking back, it didn’t take long before Miley Cyrus started using her red carpet appearances to distance herself from the role she played on television. As early as 2007, Miley was stepping out in a mixture of shorter, more mature dresses, and “Baby One More Time”-esque school girl outfits:

But mostly, for the next 3 years, Miley mostly wore sophisticated dresses that were dripping in glamour with just a hint of  sex appeal:

Then in 2010, her concert outfits started getting sexier:

And so did her red carpet looks:

Finally by 2012, after wrapping up Hannah Montana for good and deciding to take a break from being a pop star, Miley chopped off her hair and slowly started wearing less and going out more.

And thus, Bangerz-era Miley Cyrus was born. Suddenly her style was all barely there denim, high-cut leotards, pasties, and anything that made her look like she was going to/coming from an all-night rave.

Since then Miley’s style has mostly gotten weirder and less overtly sexy, which is exactly what happens when you spend all your spare time hanging out with your pets and getting stoned.

The world may never forget that Miley Cyrus used to be Hannah Montana, but you can’t say Miley hasn’t done everything she could to make people see her in an entirely new light.


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