Miley Cyrus Says the Glass Ceiling Has Already Been Broken

While a lot of celebrities attended the Women’s March on Saturday, none of them were half as enthusiastic as Miley Cyrus.

Miley gave a speech about how even though we didn’t end up electing a woman president this year, the glass ceiling has already been broken.

Errr, we need to see the receipts on that.

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Before Miley even spoke, she spent the morning playing captain of the Planned Parenthood cheerleading squad.

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Even the L.A. Times couldn’t help but notice, so they wrote an article called “Watch Miley Cyrus Shimmy Her Way Through Downtown L.A. Women’s March.”

Over the course of the weekend, Miley went on to post 20 photos from the Women’s March on Instagram, including a video snippet of the speech where she boldly claimed the glass ceiling was dunzo.

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“Happy Hippie and I — my foundation — we want action,” Miley began. “We don’t want to talk about change, but we want to be the change that we wanna see.”

She continued:

“And to know that I’m not alone in this dream that we are gonna see become a reality brings me such hope. And hope is a crucial component to creating the world we live in. Isn’t that right everybody? We have to never stop believing. We have to never give up. We are living proof that we are stronger together. I’m gonna lose my shit because I just want you guys to all know that the glass ceiling has already been broken.”

And then, as if that wasn’t enthusiastic enough, she ended with a, “fuck yeah.”

Honestly, that part about the glass ceiling sounds exactly like something only a Hollywood child star with a rich dad would be able to say with a straight face, but that kind of attitude is what we need right now.

Even though celebrity endorsements failed to get Hillary Clinton elected — seriously Electoral College, WTF — they don’t as Donald thinks, “hurt causes badly.”

Instead, they serve the same function they serve in real life to all their thousands and millions of fans: they give them something to feel positively about.

And right now, we need all the positive vibes we can get.

We need a relentless cheerleader like Miley who helps us to not get wrapped up in the potential threat of a nuclear holocaust or the fact that our president cares more about mean tweets then about assuring a very important governmental agency he doesn’t think they’re Nazis.

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And unlike some celebrities who pay lip service to political causes so long as they’re not afraid their actions will alienate their fans — Taylor Swift, we’re looking at you — Miley’s never been one to shut up about any cause she believes in.

And she’s sure as hell not worried that being political will lose her followers.

Sure, she may throw cultural appropriation-themed birthdays and spend a lot of time trying to out-weird all the weirdos she hangs out with, but she’s not afraid to throw the full weight of her celebrity behind a cause.

And that counts for something.

Miley Cyrus won’t be able to change the fact that Trump’s president, but she will do everything in her power to make sure people still feel like there’s something they can do about it.

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