Mia Moretti Created the Ultimate Girl Power Playlist

Sometimes, when you’re getting ready for a night of cashin’ checks and breakin’ necks, you want to listen to something that screams, “I’m a bad bitch who don’t need no man.”

You don’t want any rappers talking about slaying girls, or any girls sobbing about their lost love. You just want some divas singing their hearts out about why it’s awesome to be a women and subtle hints at overthrowing the patriarchy.

Well, girl, do we have a playlist for you.

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Mia Moretti, California cool girl, created the ultimate girl power playlist to prepare for Galore’s Sisterhood of Sound event tonight, which she’ll be DJing.

Check out the playlist on Spotify here and shake your groove thang while slipping on your thigh highs and some glitter before tonight’s festivities. We have a feeling you’ll never want to stop listening.

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