MeMe Jones Quit Retail To Become Her Own Boss

MeMe Jones is a 24-year old stylist and designer from Detroit who quit her 9-5 retail job to become her own boss, and she hasn’t looked back since.

We talked to MeMe about how she got into the fashion biz, Profashional Styling, and her future goals.

Where did your interest in fashion come from?

My interest for fashion developed at a really young age. I guess I can say I was born with style because my mom was a true fashionista. She kept me dressed so neat all the time. She was also kind of a shopaholic, so I was always in the clothing stores with her. Fashion just became second nature for me. One problem I didn’t have was getting dressed. From winning best dressed from middle school on up, I knew that fashion was my first love.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I knew that I had the skill of dressing people when I found myself tweaking the outfits of everyone around me. It was something about my finishing touch that made the friend I was going to the party with feel just a bit more confident. I later made a name for my styling company with my stylish cousin called Profashional Styling. I began to promote through business cards & social media. That’s when people began to call me for style consultations.

Why did you start your own clothing line?

I started my own clothing line because I wanted to give people all over the world access to affordable style. I can’t style everyone, but everyone can shop

What are your future goals for your business?

In the near future I see myself working with the greats that I’ve envisioned, producing more for my clothing collection, and helping those who want to feel more confident with a special mobile app.

What advice do you have for stylists interested in growing their supporters?

I suggest that they give the viewers the art they need. Individuals live for inspiration & one person being true to themselves and producing bomb work is always inspiring.

What are your tips for finding your personal style?

Finding your personal style is simple. When you put an outfit on, you know [as] soon as you look in the mirror if it screams “you.” For example, you can have three pairs of jeans; mom jeans, bell bottom jeans, or ripped jeans. Which ever pair makes you wanna dance, that’s more your style. Here’s another tip, your style is probably similar to whichever fashion mogul you’re most interested in.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or Elle on some major editorial shoots. I look forward to bringing that wave of fly to the industry.

What are your favorite high end and low end brands?

Right now my favorite brands are Balenciaga and Vetements, because they are providing this certain kind of electric urban vibe that’s trending. Also Gucci, because of the fierce comeback. My other favorite brands are Zara & Topshop.

As an entrepreneur, what advice do you have for stylists looking to do the same as you?

I advise any stylist who’s serious about giving looks to put 100% into their vision & to study the culture. And when the going gets rough, go harder.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

I appreciate all the ones who support me. I’m going to keep growing & making everyone whose rooting for me proud. Also, you can make anything possible, [the] only thing that can get in the way of it is you.

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