The Perfect Gifts For the Chic Stoner In Your Life

Considering all the fun and cheery things that go on during the holiday season, it can still be pretty stressful. While many will turn to wine while chilling with their families, some of us will just toke up after all the kiddies have gone to bed.

Some might call these people stoners, but I fucking hate that word. All I can think about is some lazy, half-conscious Seth Rogen type in boxers. If you’re like me, you know that stereotype to be completely untrue. I wear loafers for God’s sake! Some of us are chic and smoke because it’s relaxing, not because I’m playing video games all day in my parents’ basement.

If you know someone like that, who’s a stoner but like also not a fucking weirdo, we’ve made a list of the perfect gifts to give that chic stoner in your life.


1. Candy Cane Rolling Papers

Nothin says happy fuckin holidaze like a candy cane flavored joint! Forget the high-calorie peppermint mocha, roll up a zero calorie J and sip on some tea.

Buy here.


2. Vetements Grinder Necklace

Pretentious and stoner aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but this takes stoner chic up a notch. Although sold out, keep your eyes peeled for a restock.

Buy here.


3. Cannabis Killer Candle

The worst part (and only bad part) about weed is the smell, and apparently some genius decided to created candle that almost entirely masks the smell left behind. Say sayonara to the $40 Yankee Candles!

Buy here.


4. Cannabis Cookbook

Pot brownies are for amateurs! Why not make shit like Mexican Hot Chocolate, Gluten-Free Almond Raspberry Cake and Seared Sirloin with Savory Bread Pudding that can all get you lit while also being tasty af?

Buy here.


5. Pod Vaporizer

These vapes have become all the rage just because of their portability and they reduce a lot of the weed smell. You can load dry weed into the pod and it’s literally so easy to use anywhere. Merry Lit-mas!

Buy here.


6. Joint Roller

This lil doohickey does the hardest part for you! On numerous occasions I have had friends that volunteer to roll the J at parties, when they clearly have no idea what they are doing. This lil device would have saved me a lot of stress over improper rolling methods. So if you have a friend who is challenged in the rolling department, this might help you too.

Buy here.


7. Candy Cane Bowl

This would be rather fun to pass around on Christmas day. It’s cute, and Christmasy! What other excuses do you need to buy this?

Buy here.


8. Ice Pipe Mold

If you are a trendy stoner, then you’ve probably seen so many videos on Facebook about this pipe. I imagine it helps to reduce the slight burn that a really hot pipe might give you on the back end.

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9. Rare Rainbow Rolling Papers

These papers are like for collectors. These don’t have a flavor, but they are really cool looking when rolled, and it’s perfect especially if you have a friend who’s gay AND a stoner. Win, win.

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10. Cannabis Perfume

I have tried this, and while it doesn’t have any actual weed it in, it smells really good and earthy. The brand is working on some products though that actually have weed in them, so stay on the look out for that!

Buy here. 


11. 24k Gold Rolling Paper Gift Box

Do I even have to try and sell this one to you? Honestly, just sign me the fuck up.

Buy here.


12. 24k Gold Blunt Wrapper

More gold! I have included this also because I cannot tell you how many dreams I have had where I smoke a gold blunt with Rihanna. Even if you can’t get the Rihanna part, you might as well smoke the finest. YOLO. 

Buy here.


13. Weed Lyfe Mesh Halter Top

I mean, what’s hotter than a mesh top that clearly shows how much the chic stoner in your life loves weed? This top is literally perfect for music festivals, or like just to wear whenever because there’s never a bad time for mesh!

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